3-Hole Resonator

Clear Computers, Laptops, TVs, and more with the
3-Hole Resonator


To make clearing easier, as of 12/1/18, the 3-Hole Resonator has been replaced with the Star 3-Hole Resonator.

The Star 3-Hole Resonator clears both wired and wireless, so replaces the need for the regular 3-Hole, which only cleared wired frequencies.

The Star 3-Hole clears everything the 3-Hole cleared and more! You can purchase the Star 3-Hole by visiting the Star 3-Hole page.




3-Hole Resonator
3-Hole Resonator
(Actual size 1 inch in diameter.)
  •  Transforms harmful wired EMFs into harmonious frequencies.
  • Creates a ‘stress-free’ environment for your body to function in.
  • Use to clear laptops, TVs, electric alarm clocks and more.
  • Made by hand in the USA since 1986!


cleared lap top
The 3-Hole Resonator clears laptop radiation and more!


“Do you ever tell what these blue disks are composed of? Don’t know how, but they really do stop the icky vibes from coming out of the computer. I don’t feel them anymore. Thank you!”

-Robin, Kentucky


“My wife and I do have the 3-Hole resonators on our computers and monitors. Before installing them I used to get tired eyes and a slight headache when working long periods on the computer. Since installing the 3-Hole resonators, no more sore eyes or headaches. We are now buying more resonators for (our grandson’s) computer and his mom’s laptop. We know from experience EMF Blues stands behind their products. We are very confident and happy with your resonators.”

-William, Quebec, Canada


What can I clear with the 3-Hole Resonator?

A lot!! It neutralizes wired electromagnetic frequencies coming from plug-in and battery operated devices.

Great for clearing desktop computers, laptops, TVs, alarm clocks, corded phones, printers, faxes, refrigerators, water heaters, furnaces, power strips, electrical outlets and more!

How does it work?

The 3-Hole Resonator is a Dielectric Resonator made out of a new Advanced Ceramic Material called Crystal Catalyst Technology. Dielectric Resonators are the most powerful absorbers of EMFs, while Crystal Catalyst Technology is a ceramic material capable of filtering electromagnetic frequencies. This combination creates a Resonator capable of absorbing EMFs, filtering them, and then rebroadcasting them. These filtered frequencies are beneficial, rather than stressful, to the body.

How do I use it?

It’s easy to use! It comes with self adhesive on the back so you just peel and stick it on whatever you wish to clear. There’s a white dot on the 3-Hole. This dot is there so you can align it with magnetic north. This makes the 3-Hole’s clearing field a little stronger,  but don’t worry if you don’t have a compass to set it to North, it will still clear just fine!

Does it need recharging?

The 3-Hole Resonator does not require recharging and will not wear out.

Buy 4 and Save!

Buy 4 Resonators in our 3-Hole Vale Pak and save $8!


“I have been dealing with this eye issue for 3+ years not knowing what was causing the redness. By the time I got the 3 Hole Resonator on my laptop the next day, my eyes ‘relaxed’ even more. I sit for quite a few hours every day in a hot spot of multiple electronics!”


-Judy C., Florida


3-Hole Resonator
(Actual size 1 inch in diameter.)
3-Hole Resonator
3-Hole Resonator
Value Pak
(4 Resonators Valued at $74)


Need help?

Need help deciding which Crystal Catalyst Resonators are right for your needs? Please send an email to info@emfblues.com. We are quick to respond and are here to help!

“No Hassle, Money Back Guarantee”

Try it out for 30 days and if you’re not satisfied you can return it to us for a full refund.