Cell Phone Tab

Cell Phone Tab


Cell Phone Tab
cell phone tab
(Actual size 1 cm in diameter)
  • Transforms harmful radiation into harmonious frequencies.
  • Creates a ‘stress-free’ environment for your body to function in.
  • Clear Cell Phones, iPhones, Bluetooth and other wireless devices.
  • Made by hand in the USA since 1986!


cleared cell phone
Position the Cell Phone Tab on the back of your phone near the antenna to clear cell phone radiation.


“On Friday, I got my package and without further adieu I put the EMF Blues products to the test. I can emphatically say that the cell phone tab and star 3 holes have made using the cellphone and using my Tv and laptop in the living room (lit with fluorescent light) far more bearable. ”

– Joan, Carribean

kirlian cell phone tab img 1kirlian cell phone tab img 2kirlian cell phone tab img 3
Here are Kirlian Photos of a test subject using the Cell Phone Tab.

First photo shows subject’s natural energy field. Second photo shows subject’s energy field being altered by an active cell phone held to the left ear. Third photo shows the attachment of the cell phone Tab to the active cell phone has restored the subject’s energy field to what it was prior to exposure to cell phone radiation.


“I bought the same one for my old cell phone after my ear was burnt and peeling from 45 minutes use. I paid attention to how warm my cell phone was during use. After attaching the Cell Phone Tab, the cell phone was always cool during use and my ears have not burned. Thank you for sharing your genius.”

-Lisa, Washington


I have been using cell phone tab more than one year. My homeopath in Bakersfield, CA recommended to use it for cell phone. It works! I have chronic Lyme disease for a decade, so I have EMF Sensitivity.

-Tomoko, California

What can I clear with the Cell Phone Tab?

Use it to neutralize wireless radiation from Cell Phones, iPhones and all Bluetooth Headsets/Technologies.

How does it work?

The Cell Phone Tab is a Crystal Catalyst Dielectric Resonator. Dielectric Resonators are the strongest absorbers of EMFs, while Crystal Catalyst Technology is a new Advanced Ceramic Material whose unique composition enables it to filter frequencies, rendering them neutral to beneficial

How do I use it?

It’s easy to use! It comes with self-adhesive on back, so you just peel and stick it onto your Cell Phone, iPhone, Headset, etc.

The Cell Phone Tab is re-usable. If you get a new phone, just peel it off the old and re-stick it on the new. Each Cell Phone Tab comes with an extra adhesive to make it that much easier to re-use.

Where do I put it?

Best to stick the Cell Phone Tab on the back of your phone near the antenna or over the hidden antenna. For iPhones, the Tab should be placed on the back of the phone, in the center. For Bluetooth/Wireless Headsets, anywhere you can fit the Tab is fine.

Can the Cell Pone Tab be placed on the phone’s case?

The Tab can be placed on to a phone case rather then the phone itself, as the Tab will often not fit underneath the case. This placement of the Tab on the case will in no way interfere with the Tab’s clearing of the phone.

Can the Tab be used to clear the iPhone 6 and IPhone 6 Plus?

Yes! As the latest in smartphone technology is more power-packed and larger than a traditional iPhone, we recommend using (2) Cell Phone Tabs for clearing. The Tabs can be placed on either the front or back of the unit, and should be spaced evenly apart.

Does it need recharging?

The Cell Phone Tab does not require recharging and will not wear out.

Buy the Cell Phone Tab Value Pak and Save!

Buy 4 Cell Phone Tabs and save $8!


Thank you for the cell phone tab stickies. Unfortunately my housekeeper threw away the tab while I was waiting for the stickies, so I had to buy some new tabs. I didn’t realize what a difference your products make in how unpleasant it is to use my electronics, but you certainly have found a repeat customer. I just wanted to say thank you. -Jonathon, Washington DC


cell phone tab Cell Phone Tab

Cell Phone Tab
Value Pak
(4 Cell Phone Tabs Valued at $74)

 I applied two of your spot-devices on my iphone, and what a difference! No more shocks or headache stress.-Naomi, Virginia

Need help?

Need help deciding which Crystal Catalyst Resonators are right for your needs? Please send an email to info@emfblues.com. We are quick to respond and are here to help!


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