Clearfield Plate

Powerful Whole House Clearing Device Creates a Beneficial Resonance for Health and Harmony!
Clearfield Plate


*Due to an overwhelming increase in Plate orders, the Plate is currently on back-order.

The Plate will be available for purchase again beginning on 12/24/18.

Clearfield Plate
 Size of Plate is 10 inch in diameter, about the size of a dinner plate.
Actual size of mirrors may vary slightly from Plate to Plate, based on manufacturer availability.
All mirror sizes used result in the same strength of clearing field.
Clearfield Plate
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Clearfield Plate

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Clearfield Plate

(Price includes shipping & insurance)

*The Plate is currently on back-order and will be available for purchase on 12/24/18.


“…a breakthrough in clearing work…” -Cecil Nichols, Retired Research Engineer, NASA*

  • Creates a beneficial resonance for your home or office
  • Clears EMF Pollution and Geopathic Stress
  • Clears 5G
  • Handmade especially for you upon ordering!

“I want to let you know that I received the Clearfield for my home and within the very first week I have noticed my husband and I are in the best mood with each other, it seems like nothing can break our happy spirits. And the cut flowers I have around my home are living 3 times longer. I am sold! I’m telling everyone I love about it. I feel like I have found the fountain of youth! I am so HAPPY!”

– Lauren… Dallas, Texas


“The Clearfield Plate is great. We live alongside power lines, between 2 WiFi hotspots, 4 base stations, electricity base station, multiple cell phone masts…With the Plate, we have found the quality of the environment improved…and numerous other benefits. No more dizziness, absent mindedness, or diminished cognitive ability. The atmosphere has a luminous, crisp quality and we do actually feel protected and well. We love it.”

-Claire P., United Kingdom


Thanks so much for the Clearfield plate – expertly packed, shipped and delivered as requested. It truly exceeds all expectations, both aesthetically and energetically. All the products I’ve purchased from you have helped me cope better as a sensitive person, but the plate takes things to a whole other level! It truly shifted the energy in my city apartment for the better, transforming as it does the radiation from so many nearby negative influences.I cannot thank you enough.

-Daniel, San Francisco, CA


“I have worked with the Clearfield Plate for some time. It indeed clears all harmful ground energies (Geopathic Zones) in the buildings I’ve tried it in. More than that it seems to alter all other detectable negative energies to beneficial…the Clearfield Plate is a positive breakthrough in clearing work to a degree that I’ve never seen before.”

-Cecil Nichols, former Research Engineer, NASA, Langley Research Center, VA

*Disclaimer: NASA references on this web site do not constitute NASA’s or the United States Government’s endorsement of our products, processes, or services nor confirmation of claims related to its products, processes, or services.


What does the Clearfield Plate do?

The Clearfield Plate is a Whole House Clearing Device. One Clearfield Plate placed in a multi-level home or office will clear the entire space of all incoming wireless and wired radiations, as well as all Geopathic Stress Zones.

The Plate will also clear electromagnetic frequencies originating in the home, like the wireless radiation flowing through your space from your WiFi hook up or RF radiation from the installation of a Smart Meter.

With that said, additional spot-clearing of individual technologies (computers, routers, TVs, etc.) is recommended in conjunction with using the Plate. This is because all electronic devices have their own individual EMF fields which benefit from localized clearing.


How does the Clearfield Plate work?

The Clearfield Plate utilizes Crystal Catalyst Technology, Radionics, Sacred Geometry,  aspects  of Feng Shui and an Energized Dish to produce a resonance which is both harmonizing and strengthening to the body and the brain.

  • Crystal Catalyst Technology is a new Advanced Ceramic Material whose unique composition enables it to ‘clean’ or ‘filter’ harmful electromagnetic frequencies, rendering them neutral to beneficial.
  • Radionics is essentially the science of resonance. The Doublestar Resonator is a powerful Radionics Device which broadcasts both a protective and peaceful resonance.
  • Sacred Geometry is based on the specific resonance produced by specific shapes.
  • Feng Shui is an Ancient Eastern Art of balancing energies based on the Bagua.
  • The Energized Dish is an ordinary Corelle* Plate that is put through a special process to activate it.

Tip: The McKusicks keep the cost of the resonators down by using everyday materials that are cost- effective.* Their focus is to make devices that work and are affordable.

What type of Resonance does it project?

Independent tests have shown that the Plate discharges a beneficial frequency of 8.2 cycles per second. This resonance is in alignment with the natural resonance of the earth and is conducive to both optimal body and brain function.

Tip: Independent Dowsing tests have shown the Plate clears omni-directionally for 90ft.

What does the Clearfield Plate clear?

A better question might be, what doesn’t the Clearfield Plate clear?!!

The Clearfield Plate will clear EMF pollution coming from:

  • 5G
  • Cell Phone Towers/Antennas
  • TV/Radio Broadcast Towers
  • WiFi Radiations
  • Satellite TV Dishes
  • Geopathic Stress Zones
  • GPS Tracking
  • Satellite Systems in Space
  • Power Towers, Transformer Boxes, Power Stations
  • Airport/Military radar
  • Power Lines
  • Smart Meters


Tip: Independent third party tests have shown the Clearfield reduces mold spores in the room it is placed in.


Can the Plate be used for a Feng Shui cure?

Yes! The Plate makes an excellent Feng Shui cure. Simply use a Feng Shui Baqua Chart to position the Plate in an area of your home that needs energizing.

How do I use it?

The Clearfield Plate can be hung on a wall (hanging hardware included) or placed on a plate stand and set on a table or shelf.

Proper positioning  of the Plate is important for optimal clearing. The Plate is shipped along with a Placement Packet which outlines positioning options for the Plate.

Some tips on Plate placement are:

  • For clearing Geopathic Stress Zones (ground radiations), the Plate should be placed on the ground floor of a multi-level space.
  • For clearing of a nearby Cell Tower or High Tension Power Line, the Plate is best placed on the top floor of the space with the face of the Plate aimed towards the source of incoming radiation.
  • For general clearing of incoming frequencies, the Plate can be placed on either end of the home, or in the middle, as it clears in a 360° radius. There is no need to aim the face of the Plate in any one direction if it is being used for overall clearing.
  • In some instances, it is best placed on a table or shelf with the face of the Plate aimed up. This is best for clearing negative vortexes (a concentrated type of Geopathic Stress) and sometimes yields better results for those living in canyons or deep valleys.
  • The Plate can be hung in a closet or placed away in a cupboard, as it clears right through walls, doors, etc.
  • The Plate has been known to enhance dream life, yet we generally do not recommend placing the Plate directly in the bedroom, as the high energy levels can be too much for sleep.
  • The Plate can be used outdoors as long as it is encased to protect from the elements. It can be used by Dairy Farmers as well as Beekeepers.

How do I know if my space would benefit from the Plate?

With EMF pollution being the fastest growing form of pollution on the planet, we feel all homes would benefit from installing he Clearfield Plate.

If I have the Plate in my home, do I still need to spot-clear individual technologies in my home?

Spot-clearing works to clear individual EMF fields and is recommended for certain appliances in a home, even with installation of a Plate. For most homes, that means spot-clearing computers and wireless routers.

Does the Clearfield Plate cause any detox symptoms?

While most feedback we get on the Plate is that the space feels instantly better, there is a small percentage of residences that might experience a bit of upheavel while the resonance of the space is shifted.

This is something that is mostly associated with older homes or homes where there has been a lot of past turmoil.

If, in the rare case, your home does begin to experience any upheaval as old energies are moved out, we recommend simply de-activating the Clearfield for a day or two. To de-activate the Plate, simply turn the Plate face-down on a table or shelf.

Does the Clearfield need recharging?

The Plate does not need recharging and does not wear out over time.



Received my Clearfield plate this afternoon. It is amazing!!! And it is so very powerful…and I really thought I had my home pretty clear…Wish I had ordered this plate years ago when I first saw your website….and so it resonated with me strongly at that time.  But I have it now…so now must truly be the right time for me. Thank you…for such a great product!”

-Anne, Atlanta, Georgia


“First off I wanted to say that we love the Clearfield Plate. We live very close to a radio tower & we have someone downstairs who smokes cigarettes. The Plate has gotten rid of the bad, icky vibes, & has neutralized the cigarette fumes that leak upstairs. I can’t explain how it works, but it does. Our sleeping is improving & we feel very calm & relaxed. I’m even having more pleasant dreams. I’m a very skeptical person, but this Plate has already made a dramatic improvement in our quality of life, in the short time we’ve had it.”

-Jay…Cape Hatteras, NC

Clearfield Plate

(Free shipping!)
Clearfield Plate

(Price includes shipping & insurance)
Clearfield Plate

(Price includes shipping & insurance)


 *The Plate is currently on back-order and will be available for purchase on 12/24/18.


“No Hassle, Money Back Guarantee”

The Clearfield Plate has the same 30 Day Money Back Guarantee as all of our Resonators. However, as the Plate is a made-to-order Resonator, it does carry a 25% Restocking Fee.

Note: The Clearfield Plate is made to order and not mass-produced. Therefore, Plate orders can take anywhere from 10-14 business days to ship.The Plate drop-ships from Biomagnetic Research in Arizona. You will receive your EMF Blues Invoice separately through the mail.