Crystal Catalyst Bead

The Crystal Catalyst Bead Provides Personal EMF Protection and Continuous Energy Enhancement!


Crystal Catalyst Bead

(Actual size 1 cm in diameter.)
  • Wear as a necklace or bracelet, or carry in a pocket.
  • Provides protection from wired and wireless EMFs, including 5G.
  • Great for adults, kids and pets alike.
  • Made by hand in the USA since 1986!

Kirlian Photo of Bead shows the powerful energy field it emits. Note the shape of the energy field resembles a 5-pointed star. 5-pointed stars are found throughout Nature and are very protective.

Here are some Kirlian Photos of a test subject wearing the Bead.

The first photo shows the subject’s natural energy field. The second photo shows the subject’s energy field while wearing the Bead. The subject’s aura is noticeable stronger when wearing the Bead and contains more blue. Blue in the aura denotes healing.




“Since using the Crystal Catalyst ® Bead, I have finally been put on the right track. The difference in energy levels and general well being is significant. An incredibly good investment!”

-Jason S., New South Wales Australia


“The beads. Fab! We have noticed the difference in our energy fields, and no more sore eyes or headaches when working on the computer.”

-Claire P., United Kingdom


“I use your products around my home (computers, wireless routers, phones) and LOVE the crystal catalyst blue bead. I wear it 24/7 and it keeps me from getting too tired while working on the computer. THANK YOU!”


What does the Crystal Catalyst Bead clear?

Clear yourself, your kids and your pets with the Crystal Catalyst Bead! Wearing the Bead provides you with personal EMF protection and continuous energy enhancement. It protects from wired and wireless EMFs, including 5G.


How is the Bead used?

The Bead has many uses!

  • You can wear it as a necklace or a bracelet. The Bead works best when touching the skin. If worn as a necklace, it is good to wear it under your shirt and have it hang low so it touches the breastbone. This keeps the Bead near your thymus gland. Your thymus is a store-house for your vital energy.
  • If you want to wear the Bead as a bracelet, wear it on the left wrist. This is the side of the body where energy enters.The Bead can be worn with any type of chain, as metal does not interfere with it’s clearing ability.
  • The Bead can also be carried in a pocket or even hung on a keychain.
  • For kids it can be pinned inside clothing if they are too young to wear jewelry.
  • For babies, be sure to sew the Bead into a pillow so baby can’t swallow it! Then you can leave the pillow in the crib when baby sleeps and place in the stroller when out and about.
  • For pets, hang on collars or place in their bed or under their favorite pillow.

Wear the Bead as often as you can. At night, place the Bead under your pillow or on your nightstand to keep your body in a harmonious energy field while you sleep. The beneficial effects of the Bead are cumulative. The longer and more consistently it is worn, the better the results get.

“I am a repeat customer and am buying a couple of things. One is a new bead for my dog. Just to let you know what I feel she has experienced. She has a little tear in her ACL on her back leg. She would limp after running in the yard and then resting. Getting up was painful for her, as far as I could tell. She would not put her leg down until she had taken a few steps with her other legs and then hobble until it felt ok to use. Now, she rarely does this. I have almost completely taken her off of her anti-inflammatory drugs that destroy the liver. This is a great, great thing!”

-Roxanne, Lake Worth, Florida

Can the Bead be used to charge water?

Yes! Simply place the Bead in a pitcher of water overnight and in the morning you have Crystal Catalyst Water. Crystal Catalyst Water tastes ‘sweeter’ and ‘wetter’ than regular water because it has been structured. Plants grow green and lush when watered with it. Place a Bead in your tub and take a Crystal Catalyst Bath. The uses are endless!

Does the Bead need recharging?

The Bead does not wear out over time and does not require recharging. The Bead will clear as well in twenty years as it did on the day it was made.

Can more than one Bead be worn at at time?

Yes! More than one Bead can be worn at the same time. The Beads can be strung together on a necklace or bracelet, or they can be worn on different areas of the body at once (a necklace, anklet, etc.). Wearing more than one Bead will work to increase the overall level of protection and can be helpful for those who are very electrically sensitive.

Can the Bead be worn by my dog or cat?

Yes! The Bead can be placed on a pet collar. If no collar is used, then the Bead can be placed in a pet bed. Below is a picture sent to us by a Customer showing each of her two pups wearing a Crystal Catalyst Bead on their collar.




Buy 4 Beads and Save!

Buy 4 Beads and save $8 when you purchase our Bead Value Pak! Perfect for Mom, Dad, and the Kids.

“As I mentioned in another email, I sent my friend two of the Beads. I talked with her yesterday over the phone, and she said that after one day of wearing them, she felt more calm. Thanks, again, for your products.”

-Ann, Irving, Texas


“I have been wearing my blue bead day and night for two weeks now, and I never want to take it off. ”

-Ryan, Southern California


“We ordered the Crystal Catalyst Bead for our newly adopted cat, as he had tested as being very disturbed by the banks of Smart Meters our home is surrounded by. Within two hours of putting the bead on his collar there was a remarkable difference in his behavior. Previously, he was wildly erratic and more so at night, destroying personal belongings in our home. With the bead, he is now much, much calmer, lets us sleep through the night and is more peaceful in his demeanor. I can’t recommend these beads enough! They REALLY work!

-Lisa, Santa Cruz, CA

(Actual size 1 cm in diameter.)
Crystal Catalyst Bead

Crystal Catalyst Bead
Value Pak
(4 Beads Valued at $74)

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