EMF Devices

If you’re looking for EMF Products that are Unique, Effective and Affordable, you’ve just found them!


Crystal Catalyst® Resonators are the only EMF Products on the market that contain the new Advanced Ceramic Material Crystal Catalyst® Technology. This revolutionary Ceramic transforms harmful radiations into beneficial frequencies!

EMF Devices for All of Your Clearing Needs

There are four types of Crystal Catalyst® Resonators to ensure all of your EMF clearing needs are met.

  1. Personal EMF Devices– worn or carried for personal EMF protection.
  2. Spot-Clearing– placed directly on the technology that needs clearing.
  3. Directional– aimed at the source of the incoming EMF pollution.
  4. Whole House EMF Device– Home EMF protection, including  Geopathic Stress Zones.

Visit our EMF Clearing Guide: What you need to clear and how!

Personal EMF Protection

Clear yourself first! Wearing or carrying personal EMF Protection is a must for staying healthy in today’s high-tech environments. Great for kids and pets, too!

Crystal Catalyst Bead The Crystal Catalyst® Bead is about the size of a marble and is worn on a chain (metal is fine to use) as a necklace or bracelet. It can also be carried in a pocket for those who do not like to wear jewelry. It provides overall personal EMF protection from all types of frequencies as well as enhancing energy, Several can be worn together for increased protection. Perfect for kids and for placing on pet collars. Get yours today! Crystal Catalyst Bead

Value Pak
(4 Beads)
EMF Pendants Crystal Catalyst® EMF Pendants are both beautiful and powerful. There are nine different Pendants to choose from. Each Pendant contains a Crystal Catalyst® Bead for EMF protection along with a variety of Gemstones that work to enhance various Chakras. Choose the EMF Pendant that is right for you from our Full Line of EMF Pendants! click here to see our full line of EMF Pendants
Pocket Locket

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*New* Pocket Locket Personal EMF Protection Coming Soon!
Pocket Resonator The Pocket Resonator is a very strong personal clearing and grounding device. It is most effective when carried on the body in a pocket with the base of the Resonator facing into the body, It is great for those who work in high-tech office environments and for those who work around a lot of machinery. It is the recommended Resonator to carry on the person during airtravel, as it will clear the radiations from flying as well as work to help lessen the effects of Jet Lag. It can be used along with a Bead or an EMF Pendant for those seeking optimum personal protection. Our most popular Resonator! Pocket Resonator



Spot-Clearing Resonators

Clear your gadgets! Individual EMF fields are emitted by all gadgets, appliances and technologies and should be cleared by Spot-Clearing. Spot-Clearing means putting a Resonator directly on a gadget, such as a TV, to clear that particular gadget’s EMF field. Crystal Catalyst® Spot-Clearing Resonators vary in size from that of a dime to a quarter and come with adhesive on the back Just peel and stick!

Cell Phone Tab The Cell Phone Tab is a Ceramic Tab about the size of a dime. It clears wireless frequencies and is small enough to fit on any type of wireless mobile device. Perfect for clearing cell phones, iphones, blackberries, wifi-kindles, bluetooth headsets and more Cell Phone Tab

Value Pak
(4 Cell Phone Tabs)
3-Hole Resonator The 3-Hole Resonator is a Ceramic Tab about the size of a quarter. It clears wired frequencies so is perfect for clearing all gadgets that plug into a wall or use a battery. Place on TVs, electric alarm clocks, refrigerators, air conditioners, corded phones, outlets, stereo units and speakers, as well as desktop computers and laptops that don’t use wifi. 3-Hole Resonator

Value Pak
(4 3-Hole Resonators)
Star 3-Hole The Star 3-Hole is the sister Resonator to the 3-Hole. Identical to the 3-Hole in appearance, except for a sticker of a star, the Star 3-Hole is different than the regular 3-Hole in that it clears wireless frequencies. This makes the Star 3-Hole perfect for clearing microwave ovens, wireless routers, Smart Meters, iPads and other Tablets, as well as any computer or laptop that hooks up to wifi and any device that uses bluetooth. Star 3-Hole

Value Pak
(4 Star 3-Hole Resonators)
G-33 The G-33 is our most powerful Spot-Clearing Device for wired frequencies and should be used when you need ‘Turbo” clearing! Recommended for all-in-one desktop computers, gaming computers, power-packed laptops, servers, mini cell phone towers for in-home/in-office use, large screen HD TVs, and Smart Meters. G-33

G-333 The G-333 is our most powerful Spot-Clearing Device for wireless frequencies and should be used when you need ‘Turbo” clearing!Stronger than the Star 3-Hole, use it to clear concentrated areas of wireless radiation.  The G-333 resonator is recommended for clearing Smart Meters, Powerful Wireless Routers, Wireless Security Systems, Wireless Fences & Cordless Phone Base Stations. G-33


Space-Clearing Directional Resonators

Space-Clearing Directional Resonators are aimed at the source of the EMF pollution. They are used for clearing incoming EMFs from outside sources. Space-Clearing Resonators are extremely useful Resonators to have, as they can be used to clear so many things!

Tri-Pak The Tri-Pak is about 4 inches long and contains Crystal Catalyst® Ceramic material inside. The Ceramic is wrapped in a particular material which is made into a particular shape, this is what works to broadcast the Ceramic materials clearing field for such a great length, as the Pak emits a clearing field as long as a US Football field! The Tri-Pak clears wired frequencies and is ideal for clearing neighboring power lines, transfomer boxes, electrical substations, fuse boxes, flourescent light banks and cars. Tri-Pak

Star Tri-Pak The Star Tri-Pak is the sister Resonator to the regular Tri-Pak. It projects the same long and wide clearing field, except it clears wireless frequencies. This makes the Star Tri-Pak great for clearing cell towers, neighboring wifi and Smart Meters. Star Tri-Pak


Room & Whole House Clearing Devices

Clear your entire energy environment with one swoop! Hang these Space-Clearing Resonators on a wall and promote feelings of harmony and peace in your home.

Energy HarmonizerEnergy Harmonizer (thumb) The Energy Harmonizer is about 3 inches in size and will clear one medium to large size room of all wired and wireless EMFs, as well as Geopathic Stress Zones. It is perfect for clearing bedrooms and small offices and can be hung on the wall above the bed or desk. Create harmony in the bedroom and office…and improve sleep and work! Energy Harmonizer

Shell SpiralShell Spiral (thumb) Hard to clear Geopathic Stress Zones in a room? Look no further than the Shell Spiral! The Shell Spiral is an Extra-Strength Geopathic Stressbuster. The Shell Spiral will clear all types of Geopathic Stress Zones in a medium to large sized room completely and it will hold them clear. Clear Curry Lines, Hartmann Lines, Ley Lines, Energy Vortexes as well as fluctuating Zones from underground flowing water and/or mineral beds. Shell Spiral

Clearfield Plate The Clearfield® Plate is a Resonator we feel no modern home should be without! About the size of an average dinner plate, one Clearfield® Plate placed in a multi-level home will clear the entire home of wired and wireless frequencies, as well as all Geopathic Stress Zones. The Plate broadcasts out a beneficial resonance that will help your home feel like a Zen sanctuary! Watch cut flowers live longer and plants get greener under the healing vibes of the Clearfield® Plate! click here to order the Clearfield Plate


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