Energy Pendants

Enhance Your Energy, Balance Your Chakras and Protect From EMFs with Crystal Catalyst® Energy Pendants!

Tired of Feeling Exhausted and Run Down?

EMF Pollution, Air Pollution, and GMOs are wreaking havoc on our environments and putting our bodies in a constant state of low-grade stress. While some people experience symptoms of headaches, sleep disturbances, and skin disorders, others  feel ‘spaced-out’ and chronically fatigued.

Help Your Body to Help Itself!

Unfortunately, unless you choose to live in a bubble, avoiding the pollution we call Modern Life is impossible. Fortunately, there is a way to keep the body strong even when being exposed to weakening influences, such as EMFs and even negative people!

Crystal Catalyst® Energy Pendants contain a special Advanced Ceramic material that is both protective and rejuvenating to the body. This new Ceramic material is loosely based on Ancient Egyptian Faience and shares some of Faience’s powerful restorative properties.

Soothing Energy Suitable for Everyone

The resonance emitted by each Pendant is beneficial to all and is gentle enough for kids, pregnant women, the elderly and the immune-compromised.

Choose the Right Pendant for You!

Work in office wifi all day? Or are you an overworked Mom? Do you suffer from Electrical-Sensitivity? Or are you sensitive to other people’s energies? Are you caretaking an elderly parent or an Autistic Child? Are you recovering from an illness?

Whatever your specific needs are, there is a Crystal Catalyst® Pendant that is right for you! Handmade in the USA by a family of Professional Dowsers, each Pendant has been dowsed out to harmonize various Chakras to help bring your body back into its natural state of balance.


I received my order today, and the pendants I ordered are gorgeous, I hate to take it off and I can already tell the difference. I’ll be sleeping with one under my pillow tonight.” – Susan, Michigan


Protective PendantProtective Energy Pendant
Provides personal EMF protection as well as protection from other peoples’ energies. Great for empaths, healing arts practitioners and those who come in contact with large numbers of people on a daily basis. Learn more…

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Frequency Harmonizer PendantFrequency Harmonizer Energy Pendant
Provides overall EMF protection as well as additional protection from especially harsh frequencies such as those from WiFi. Great for those who work in high-tech office environments. Recommended for protection from HAARP. Learn more…

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Prosperity PendantProsperity Energy Pendant
Provides personal EMF protection and aids in drawing opportunities into your life. Great when looking for a new job, a new house or a new love! Learn more…

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Physical Chakra Balancer PendantPhysical Chakra Balancer Energy Pendant
Provides personal EMF protection and chakra balancing for increased vitality and health. Great for those recovering from chronic issues. Also great for expecting Moms!
Learn more…

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Emotional Chakra Balancer PendantEmotional Chakra Balancer Energy Pendant
Provides personal EMF Protection and emotional grounding. Recommended for anyone who needs to stay balanced under stress. Great for children suffering from hyperactivity, autism and ADD. Learn more…

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Serenity PendantSerenity Energy Pendant
Provides personal EMF protection and peace of mind. Great for yoga, meditation as well as for those who need to get into a creative space such as writers, painters, musicians, etc.  Learn more…

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Universal Harmony PendantUniversal Harmony Energy Pendant
Provides personal EMF Protection while promoting feelings of harmony with your surroundings. The Pendant embodies the resonance of the Ancient Tibetan phrase OM MA NE PAD ME HUM. Powerful and positive. Learn more…

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Breathe Easy PendantBreathe Easy Energy Pendant
Provides personal EMF protection and imparts feelings of freedom from limitations by strengthening the three lower chakras.  Great for those who need to take that leap of faith and follow their hearts! Learn more…

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Speakers Special PendantSpeakers Special Energy Pendant
Provides personal EMF protection while enhancing communication skills by supporting the throat chakra. Great for public speakers, attorneys, singers and for those who need to get their voice heard.
Learn more…
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“No Hassle, Money Back Guarantee”

Try an EMF Pendant out for 30 days and if you’re not satisfied you can return it to us for a full refund.