Powerful EMF Protection for Computer Radiation and HDTV
G-33 Resonator


(Actual size is 1.5 inches in diameter)
  • Transforms harmful EMFs into harmonious frequencies.
  • Creates a ‘stress-free’ environment for your body to function in.
  • Handmade in the USA!
monitor with G33
The G-33 provides powerful EMF protection for clearing desktop computer radiation.
kirlian photo 6kirlian photo 5
Kirlian Photos of computer radiation before and after clearing with a G-33 resonator.


These Kirlian Photos demonstrate the effects of computer radiation on a subject and the subsequent correction after a G-33 resonator has been placed on the computer and a Crystal Catalyst Bead placed around the neck of the subject.

Photo 1:  Subject’s energy field while sitting in front of an active desktop computer. The white denotes radiation.

Photo 2:  Subject’s energy field while sitting in front of active computer that has been neutralized using a G-33 resonator resonator. Subject is also wearing a Crystal Catalyst Bead around the neck. Note the absence of the radiation and the clarity of subject’s energy field.

“I was very annoyed with my new HDTV because of its high refresh rate. So for my first experience with EMF protection devices, I chose the G-33 resonator for more protection. After one week of utilization, I was quite satisfied by its efficiency. G-33 resonator has considerably reduced the harmful effects to me and henceforth I can enjoy my movies and video games. Now I can tell that Crystal Catalyst Technology really works. Many thanks!!!”

-Nasser, France


What is the G-33 resonator used for?

The G-33 resonator is our most powerful small resonator. Stronger than the 3-Hole, use it to clear concentrated areas of electromagnetic radiation.

The G-33 resonator is recommended for clearing the following computer set-ups:

  • iMac computers and other computers which house the computer in the monitor.
  • Power-packed laptops which have a lot of juice but are made very thin.
  • Gaming computers.
  • HDTVs

How does it work?

The G-33 contains a new Advanced Ceramic Material called Crystal Catalyst Technology. This Technology filters electromagnetic frequencies, rendering them neutral to beneficial.

Does it need recharging?

The G-33 does not require recharging and will not wear out over time.

How do I use it?

The G-33 resonator’s clearing field projects from the bottom of the resonator in a cone shape. Place the G-33 resonator on top of whatever it is you wish to clear.

The G-33 resonator comes with adhesive in the bottom if you wish to adhere it to a surface. You can also leave it mobile and move it from computer to computer.

The G-33 resonator comes in a small carrying case. You can leave it in the case when you position it. This will not effect its clearing ability.

Tip:There is a lightning bolt design on the face of the resonator. If you know where directional north is, you can align the resonator so the end of the lightning bolt is aimed towards north. This will slightly strengthen the G-33 resonator’s clearing field, but is not necessary to do. Even without directional alignment, the G-33 resonator will clear fully.

G-33 thumbnail
(Actual size 1.5 inches in diameter.)

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