Pocket Locket Resonator

*New* Pocket Locket

‘Enhanced’ Crystal Catalyst Personal Resonator

Strong Personal EMF Protection and Grounding

Carry in Pocket or Wear as a Locket!


Pocket-Locket-1_crop(wm-thmb)An ‘Enhanced’ Crystal Catalyst Advanced Ceramic Personal Resonator sits safely and securely inside the stainless steel Locket. Locket measures 1 inch in circumference.

Pocket Locket


‘Enhanced’ Crystal Catalyst Personal Resonator

Strong Personal EMF Protection

Harmonizes wired EMFs and wireless radiations

Harmonizes 5G


Versatile – Carry in pocket or wear as a Locket

Crystal Catalyst Technology is Handmade in the USA!

Pocket-Locket-2_crop(wm-thmb)‘Enhanced’ Crystal Catalyst Personal Resonator inside of the Locket is composed of Crystal Catalyst Technology that has been enriched with high-grade Turquoise and Garden Gold stones during the firing process.



What does the Pocket Locket do?

The Pocket Locket provides strong personal EMF protection from all types of frequencies: wired EMFs, wireless radiations and 5G. Rather than block or shield frequencies, the Pocket Locket transforms harmful EMFs into beneficial resonances that are no longer stressful to the body.

In addition to powerful EMF protection, the Pocket Locket provides continual energy enhancement and also works to ground the body through resonance.

Grounding is the act of connecting the body to the resonance of the Earth and provides the body with a stabilizing and protective energy which in itself is EMF protective as well as strengthening.

The act of grounding is especially helpful when traveling in cars and planes. During air travel, the Pocket Locket’s grounding resonance will aid in lessening the effects of Jet Lag.


How does the Pocket Locket work?

The Pocket Locket’s EMF clearing, energizing and grounding abilities comes from the Crystal Catalyst Personal Ceramic Resonator placed inside the Locket. The Crystal Catalyst Personal Resonator is made entirely of the new Advanced Ceramic called Crystal Catalyst Technology. The blue color of the Crystal Catalyst Resonator is not a glaze, but the actual color of the Advanced Ceramic!

Crystal Catalyst’s unique composition enables it to harmonize electromagnetic frequencies, rendering them neutral to beneficial before they strike the body.


How is the Crystal Catalyst ‘Enhanced’?

An ‘Enhanced’ version of Crystal Catalyst Technology is used to make the Crystal Catalyst Personal Resonator found inside the Locket. The ‘Enhanced’ composition of Crystal Catalyst contains high-grade Turquoise and Garden Gold. Both of these stones act as ‘enhancers’ within the Ceramic,  increasing the clearing strength of the original Crystal Catalyst Technology formula.


Who should use the Pocket Locket?

The Pocket Locket can be used by anyone looking for strong personal EMF protection and grounding. Great for kids, adults and pets! The Pocket Locket can be placed in pockets or backpacks, or worn as a Locket. It can also be hung on pet collars. It does have some weight to it, so for smaller pets we recommend using the Crystal Catalyst Bead on the collar.


Does the Pocket Locket wear out or need recharging?

The Pocket Resonator will not wear out over time and does not require recharging.


Does the Pocket Locket Resonator need to be cleared periodically?

The Pocket Locket does not need periodic clearing. Crystal Catalyst Technology does not hold on to old energies, as the Advanced Ceramic is self-clearing.


What material is the metal Locket made from?

A stainless steel Aromatherapy Diffuser is used to house the ‘Enhanced’ Crystal Catalyst Personal Resonator. Stainless steel does not interfere with Crystal Catalyst’s clearing field and is safe for most people with metal sensitivities to use.




Pocket Locket


*Please note, leather cord shown in picture not included with Locket.


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