Pocket Resonator

Enjoy Personal EMF Protection and Grounding with the
Pocket Resonator


Pocket Resonator
Pocket Resonator
(Actual size is 1.5 inches in diameter and .5 inches thick)
  • Carry in a pocket for Personal EMF Protection and Grounding
  • Great for drivers of Hybrid Cars, Airline Pilots and Frequent Flyers, as well as those who are Electrically Sensitive.
  • Offers protection from 5G
  • Handmade in the USA!


 After a month of testing your products I would like to let you know that your product are protecting me in a way I never had dreamed. I hope that these will last. I can go out and see people without all my EHS symptoms. Even my friend, an engineer who never ever wanted to try (another brand of Device, editor) feels better only with me in the car with your protection. I don t know how this is possible, but it is what I found out. Thank you for this wonderful products!

-Sibylle, Italy

When I took the Resonator out of the packaging the energy really popped out at me so I knew it was going to be affective in some way. I had no idea just how effective. I am very sensitive to EMF and during the day work 8+hrs at a computer throughout the week. This work environment is also littered with a variety of different wireless and electrical equipment that has really taken its toll, notably, on my memory. In the last few days I have been noticing that I remember errands I have to do without looking at my to do list, and today I actually remembered a string of 10 words when doing dictation. WOW! I don’t remember the last time I was able to do that. People are unaware of how EMFs can slowly debilitate our health. I have tried a few products along the way and I have never had the memory return as it is doing now… at long last. I lent the Resonator to a friend for a weekend who works in the same area and has significant physical disabilities. Significant improvements were noticed as well. I am truly grateful to beregaining my memory and clarity of mind… I had not really realized just how “blue” I had gotten about the daily stress and struggles of trying to perform my day job…now that the fog is lifting… I see it has been a stress for a long time. Thank you for your efforts of creating such an effective device.

– Malkiel, CANADA

What does the Pocket Resonator do?

The Pocket Resonator protects from EMFs as well as grounds the body.

Grounding is the act of connecting the body to the resonance of the Earth and provides the body with a stabilizing and protective energy which in itself is EMF protective as well as strengthening.

The act of grounding is especially helpful when traveling in Hybrid Cars and Flying. During Air Travel, the Pocket Resonator will aid in lessening the symptoms of Jet Lag.

The Pocket Resonator is also a powerful EMF Protection Device. Containing the new Advanced Ceramic Material Crystal Catalyst, the Pocket Resonator has the ability to harmonize electromagnetic frequencies, rendering them neutral to beneficial when they strike the body.

Who can benefit from carrying the Pocket Resonator?

The Pocket Resonator is ideal for those who work in high-tech office environments, drive Hybrid Cars, as well as Airline Pilots and Frequent Flyers. It is also especially helpful for those who are Electrically Sensitive.

How do I use the Pocket Resonator?

The Pocket Resonator is most effective when carried in a shirt or pant’s pocket, with the base of the Resonator facing into the body.

Does the Pocket Resonator need recharging?

The Pocket Resonator does not require recharging and will not wear out over time.

Why does the Pocket Resonator I received look different than the one pictured?

Pocket Resonator (v2)All Pocket Resonators are individually made by hand in small batches weekly. They will vary in overall appearance as the materials sourced to make them can change due to availability, etc. Please note, you have received a genuine Crystal Catalyst Pocket Resonator and, even though it differs in appearance from the one pictured, its function is the same. In addition, we get a lot of inquiries as to whether or not the Resonator should be removed from the plastic cap it sits in. The Resonator should stay in this cap, as it protects the resin.



…all I can tell you is that I feel SO GREAT wearing it!!!! My energy improves substantially and I am purchasing three more :) One for my husband, one for my son, and one for a friend of mine :) Thanks so much.

-Bonnie, Pennsylvania


I have previously ordered a beaded necklace from you guys and a pocket resonator. I wear them every day, and I can definitely tell a positive difference in how I feel. I am able to sit in front of my computer without feeling as anxious and without my sinuses drying out. I also feel better when watching TV, without a lot of anxiety.

-Rita, FL

Energy Harmonizer
(Actual size is 1.5 inches in diameter and .5 inches thick)
Pocket Resonator

The products have been helping enormously. I finally realized that the pocket resonator works best under my mattress (after placing the resonator under the mattress, wait 3-5 days for your body’s brain wave to adjust to the new frequencies. It is a pattern shift, more recuperative, deeper dream state yet more conscious pattern. It is not restlessness, just a wave shift). Big difference.

-Anthony, Meriden, CT

“No Hassle, Money Back Guarantee”

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