Power Line Dangers

Dangers and Health Risks of Power Line

Are Power Lines Dangerous?

Power Line dangers are not a topic that is usually addressed, as the ‘official’ from the W.H.O word is that the levels of EMFs are too low to be of serious concern

In a residential setting, there is “limited evidence of carcinogenicity in humans and less than sufficient evidence for carcinogenicity in experimental animals”, in particular, childhood leukaemia…These levels exceed average residential power-frequency magnetic fields in homes…in North America.- Wikipedia

Although Power Line radiation is not widely considered to be a major health risk, the truth is that regular Power Lines emit high levels of electromagnetic frequencies for up to 1/4 mile on either side. High Tension Power Lines emit fields that are undoubtedly stronger with a wider circumference.

What’s more, many of the Power Lines in use are outdated and are unable to properly handle the amount of electrical energy being transmitted without high amounts of electrical energy leaking.

Power Line Radiation Dangers

Most Power Lines in the USA are the same Lines that have been used for, in some cases, over 50 years. However, the amount of electricity being transmitted to an average home in 1960 and the amount being used in an average home in 2013 has undoubtedly increased due to the increase in electrical appliances and overall energy usage.

Some EMF savvy countries and US states (like Hawaii) require Power Lines to be buried to lessen Power Line dangers. Burying the power lines works to diminish the emitted EMF fields as they are absorbed by the Earth, however cost is increased for the electrical company and transmission of energy is not as efficient.

If you are like most people, the Power Lines around your home are not buried. This leaves your home exposed to the 1/4 mile EMF field coming from the Power Lines.



Power Lines Health Effects Studies

Various studies have shown that living in close proximity to Power Lines has been linked to higher rates of cancer, childhood leukemia, birth defects and miscarriages.

A Swedish study found that children living within 200 meters of Power Lines had a 70% increased risk of leukemia.

The Japanese National Institute for Environmental Studies and the National Cancer Center have concluded from a three year study that children who are exposed to high-voltage Power Lines are more than twice as likely to get leukemia than those who are not.

Another study found that pregnant women with homes in close proximity to Power Lines had a greater chance of miscarrying than woman whose homes were not in close proximity to Power Lines.

And yet another study found that 63% of people living within 25 meters of Power Lines reported regular headaches compared to only 39% of those outside that distance from power lines. The same study reported insomnia and digestive problems were reported to be around 50% higher near the power lines.



Neutralize Power Line Radiation with Crystal Catalyst Technology

While you can not escape the Power Grid, unless you go far ‘Off Grid’, you can neutralize the electromagnetic fields emitted by neighboring Power Lines with Crystal Catalyst Technology.

Crystal Catalyst Technology is new type of Advanced Ceramic Material whose unique composition enables it to transform harmful EMFs into beneficial frequencies. These frequencies are no longer stressful to the body.

Crystal Catalyst Dielectric Resonators contain Crystal Catalyst Technology. The Resonators work by first absorbing the harmful EMFs, transmuting them into beneficial frequencies, and then rebroadcasting them back out.

For clearing Power Line radiations, we recommend installing one or more Tri-Paks in the home.

The Tri-Pak is a space-clearing Resonator that needs to be aimed in the direction of the incoming EMFs. The Tri-Pak projects a clearing field from its long edge much like a flashlight projects a beam of light. Just like a flashlight beam, the clearing field of the Tri-Pak widens as it lengthens, projecting its clearing beam for over 120 yards, or the length of a US football field.

For optimal results, we recommend positioning the Pak on a windowsill on the top floor of the home, with the long edge/arrow aiming towards the general direction of the Power Lines.

If there are Power Lines on more than one side of the home, then we recommend installing another Pak with its long edge aiming towards those Power Lines.

To learn more about clearing Power Line radiation using the Tri-Pak, please visit our Tri-Pak Page.