Shell Spiral

Extra-Strength Geopathic Stressbuster

The Shell Spiral Clears Stubborn Geopathic Stress Zones from Ley Lines, Hartmann Grids, Energy Vortexes and more!


Shell Spiral
Shell Spiral
(Actual size is 3 inches in diameter.)


  • Neutralizes all Geopathic Stress Zones, including Curry Lines, Hartmann Lines and Ley Lines, as well as underground flowing water.
  • Balances energy fields in a space to promote optimal body functioning and lessen stress.
  •  Place in the bedroom to deepen and enhances quality of sleep.
  • Place in the car to protect from ‘car problems’ caused by parking over a Geopathic Stress Zone.
  • The Ultimate Geopathic Stress Buster! Extra-strength for those hard-to-clear Zones.
  • Made by hand in the USA!

My pleasure! The spiral shell is wonderful. Your devices are changing my life for the better.

-Nina, Woodstock, NY


I bought this especially to charge, drinks, food, supplements etc. I have noticed that it makes my morning coffee soooooooooo smooth and enjoyable. Also my water tastes great.

-Rande, Hauula, Hawaii

What does the Shell Spiral do?

Hard to clear Geopathic Stress Zones? Look no further than the Shell Spiral!

The Shell Spiral is an Extra-Strength Geopathic Stressbuster. The Shell Spiral will clear all types of Geopathic Stress Zones in a medium to large sized room completely and it will hold them clear.

Clear Curry Lines, Hartmann Lines, Ley Lines, Energy Vortexes as well as fluctuating Zones from underground flowing water and/or mineral beds.


How does the Shell Spiral work?

The Shell Spiral uses Crystal Catalyst Technology to transform hazardous ground radiations into beneficial frequencies. Crystal Catalyst Technology is a new Advanced Ceramic Material whose unique composition enables it to ‘clean’ harmful frequencies, rendering them harmonious and strengthening to the body.


How do I use it?

The Shell Spiral is easy to use. Simply place in a room, office space, or car to clear Geopathic Stress Zones in that space.

Perfect for travel! Use it to ensure a healing night’s sleep while staying in hotels.

Great for kid’s rooms and the nursery!


What else does it help with?

The Shell Spiral will enhance the quality of your sleep regardless of whether or not your bed is over a Geopathic Stress Zone. It does this by balancing the energy field underneath your bed. With regards to Geopathic Stress, zones do move as the earth shifts. For this reason, keeping a Shell Spiral in each bedroom is a great preventative measure!

The Shell Spiral is a great Resonator to use for charging drinks, health supplements, as well as Homeopathic Medicines after they have arrived thru the mail. Simply place the glass or supplement on the top of the Shell Spiral and leave for a minimum of 2-3 minutes. (Items can be charged for as long as you like.) Great for restructuring Distilled Water.

Tip: The Shell Spiral can be used to neutralize ground radiations anywhere, not just under the bed. Placing a Spiral underneath the desk or the favorite chair could be an option if ground radiations are suspected. The Shell Spiral can also be placed in a car, as keeping a car parked over a Geopathic Stress Zone can lead to car problems.


(Actual size is 3 inches in diameter.)
Shell Spiral

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