Star Tri-Pak

Harmonize Wireless Radiations from Smart Meters, WiFi,
Cell Towers and more!
Star Tri-Pak


Star Tri-Pak
Star Tri-Pak
(Actual size 4.5 inches long x 2.25 inches wide.)


  • Transforms harmful EMFs into harmonious frequencies.
  • Creates a ‘stress-free’ environment for your body to function in.
  • handmade in the USA since 1986!



I have had major results from Crystal Catalyst in regard to the Smart Meter on my home. No more pain!    – Cathy, Michigan



First, thank you for the star tri pack. I am sleeping much better since I have it, I do feel it makes a big difference with the Smart Meter. -Debora, Cleveland, Ohio


These are wonderful products.  I just received them and the bead I wore from the time I put it on,I could feel amazingly soothing energy around me that sustained.  Also, the Star Tri-Pak makes my place feel the same way. I put it right at the level of the area where the smart meters for our units is stored.-Joanne, Florida

What can I clear with the Star Tri-Pak?

The Star Tri-Pak is a versatile and useful Resonator! Use it to clear incoming wireless radiation from:

  • Cell Towers/Antennas
  • WiFi
  • Smart Meters
  • Satellite Dishes
  • GPS Tracking Systems

How does it work?

The Star Tri-Pak contains Crystal Catalyst Technology. Crystal Catalyst Technology is a new type of Advanced Ceramic Material which transforms harmful frequencies into beneficial. This Technology is placed inside the Star Tri-Pak. The shape and wrapping of the Tri-Pak is integral to creating the Pak’s powerful clearing field.

How do I use it?

It’s easy to use once you understand how it clears. Rather than putting it on something, you aim it at something!

The Star Tri-Pak broadcasts a clearing field from its long edge in much the same manner as a flashlight projects light from the lens. Independent dowsing tests have shown its clearing field to be as long as a football field.

Proper placement is key for optimal clearing.

  • Cell Towers, Broadcast Towers, Neighboring WiFi:  Place on a windowsill or shelf with the long edge/arrow pointing toward the source of radiation.
  • General Incoming Wireless Radiation:  Use two. Place each on windowsill on opposite sides of the house.
  • In-Home WiFi:  Set up at one end of the home with the long edge aiming into the space and towards the router. For a multi-level space, set it up on the top floor.
  • WiFI at Work:  Place it on your desk with the long edge aimed away from you.
  • Smart Meters:  Position inside the home in a room that shares a wall with the outside Smart Meter. Place the Pak so it is somewhat even in height with the Meter and be sure to set-up the Pak so the long edge/arrow is aiming towards the Smart Meter.

Tip: It can be placed in a drawer, cabinet or closet without interfering with its clearing ability. Comes with self adhesive on back for easy installation, or keep it portable!

 Star Tri-Pak
(Actual size is 4.5 inches long x 2.25 inches wide)
Star Tri-Pak

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