Testing Crystal Catalyst Resonators

Why EMF Meters are NOT the Best Way to Test Crystal Catalyst

Although EMF Meters are a popular way to test levels of EMFs as well as the efficacy of various EMF Devices, they are NOT the recommended method for testing Crystal Catalyst Resonators. Here’s why!

Crystal Catalyst Resonators do not block or shield EMFs, they harmonize them. The harmonization of the frequencies cleans or conditions them, rendering them neutral to beneficial when they hit the body.

While the resonance of EMFs weaken our bodies, Crystal Catalyst Resonators introduce a stress-free resonance that actually helps make our bodies stronger.

EMF Meters will not register a change when using the Resonators, as the frequencies are still present and will be read.

How To Test Crystal Catalyst Resonators

Muscle Testing (Applied Kiniseology), Kirlian Photography and Whole Brainwave Functioning are the best methods to use for testing Crystal Catalyst.

Muscle Testing is the easiest way for YOU to test the Resonators. Crystal Catalyst Resonators will make your body test stronger even when exposed to strong EMF fields. Your body is the best EMF Meter!

Below is a picture of Charmion McKusick testing the Clearfield Plate using Muscle Testing.


Charmion Muscle Testing
Here is Charmion standing over a Geopathic Stress Zone. In the first pic, Charmion attempts to lift a gallon of water. She struggles and can only lift it up to her shoulder. In the second pic, a Clearfield Plate has been placed at the far end of the building. With the Clearfield Plate up, Charmion is able to life the gallon of water way above her shoulder and with ease.

Independent 3rd Party Testing

Crystal Catalyst Dielectric Resonators have been tested by independent third party laboratories for over 20 years.

  • A leading International Canadian Testing Laboratory for Clean Energy has confirmed that the resonators “are not electrical, magnetic, or radioactive, and they can not harm electrical appliances, or computer hardware or software”.
  • Doctors at the University of California at Santa Cruz used Kiniseology (muscle testing) to measure the strength of subjects before exposure to electromagnetic radiations. Subjects were then measured in an electromagnetic field using Crystal Catalyst Resonators and showed to be stronger than they were prior to the exposure.
  • Farmers in Wisconsin had Dairy cows in Wisconsin were under stress from power line radiation. After placing Crystal Catalyst® Beads on their collars the cows produced more milk with increased butter fat and less bacteria.

“Thank you for your product..i could not see if it worked so divised test using my kinesiology skills which work with food allergy ..and YES your product makes a difference! One is stronger with the product when touching the tv mobile or computer !! Well done guys i have long thought of now we could counter this excess of emfs.”

-Sonia, UK

Kirlian Photography

Here are Kirlian Photos of a test subject using the Cell Phone Tab.

kirlian cpt img 1kirlian cpt img 2kirlian cpt img 3

First photo shows subject’s natural energy field. Second photo shows subject’s energy field being altered by an active cell phone held to the left ear. Third photo shows the attachment of the cell phone Tab to the active cell phone has restored the subject’s energy field to what it was prior to exposure to cell phone radiation.


Kirlian Photos of a test subject using the Crystal Catalyst Bead.

kirlian bead img 1kirlian bead img 2

The first photo shows the subject’s natural energy field. The second photo shows the subject’s energy field while wearing the Bead. The subject’s aura is noticeable stronger when wearing the Bead and contains more blue. Blue in the aura denotes healing.


Kirlian Photos of a test subject using the G-33.

kirlian g33 img 1kirlian g33 img 2

These Kirlian photos demonstrate the effects of computer radiation on a subject and the subsequent correction after a G-33 has been placed on the computer and a Crystal Catalyst Bead placed around the neck of the subject.

Photo 1:  Subject’s energy field while sitting in front of an active desktop computer. The white denotes radiation.

Photo 2:  Subject’s energy field while sitting in front of active computer that has been neutralized using a G-33 resonator. Subject is also wearing a Crystal Catalyst Bead around the neck. Note the absence of the radiation and the clarity of subject’s energy field.


Whole Brain Wave Functioning Test

Being electrical, the brain is severely affected by electronic pollution. That’s why you feel so “brain-dead” after spending hours on your computer or talking on your cell phone.

The following graph is from Dr. Kelly’s testing and shows the increase in brain wave functioning of a subject when neutralizing environmental electronic pollution using a Crystal Catalyst® Bead and a resonator.

brain wave img 1

This first graph shows the subject’s brain wave range while subject was unprotected from normal background environmental radiations. The brain waves were as follows: Alpha 7.9-8.3 Beta 7.7-9.7 Theta 6.9-8.9 Delta 14.1-14.8

brain wave img 2

The second graph shows the increase in subject’s brain wave activity after subject was given a Crystal Catalyst® Bead to wear and a Crystal Catalyst® Resonator. The subject immediately produces increased brainwave activity on all levels. Alpha 7.7-8.9 Beta 8.7-12.1 Theta 8.5-9.2 Delta 16.1-17.0