TV Radiation

Television Radiation Hazards


Television or TV radiation is a growing health concern, considering the increase in amount of time TV seta are kept on as well as the stronger screens for improved resolution.

Mom was right, you shouldn’t sit too close to the TV!

When you watch TV, you’re being bombarded with harmful radiations from the television’s electromagnetic field.

Most TVs emit an electromagnetic field for up to 12 feet in all directions. Newer plasma and HD LCD screens can have stronger fields.

What’s more, these  TV radiations are emitted from all directions, not just from the front.

This means, when placing a TV in a home, one needs to consider what is directly behind the wall the TV is being hung on or placed near to.


Neutralize TV Radiation with Crystal Catalyst Technology

Crystal Catalyst Technology is a new type of Advanced Ceramic Material whose unique composition enables it to filter harmful radiations into beneficial frequencies.

This new Technology is then made into a Dielectric Resonator. Dielectric Resonators are among the most powerful absorbers of EMFs.

Crystal Catalyst Technology + Dielectric Resonator = Crystal Catalyst Resonator

Crystal Catalyst TV EMF Protection

By placing a Crystal Catalyst Resonator on the back or top of a TV screen. the Resonator will be continually absorbing and filtering the TV radiations, and then rebroadcasting these new filtered frequencies out.

For TV screens less than 48 inches wide, we recommend using a 3-Hole Resonator to clear the TV.

For TV screens that are larger than 48 inches wide, we recommend using the G-33 to clear it.

The G-33 is a more powerful version of the 3-Hole Resonator and projects a wider and stronger clearing field. Some high-powered HD Plasma TVs are best cleared using the stronger G-33.

Both Resonators can be placed, centered, on the back of the screen of the top. Both Resonators come with self-adhesive for easy installation. Just peel and stick!

To learn more about the 3-Hole Resonator, please visit our 3-Hole Page.

To learn more about the G-33, please visit our G-33 Page