Variety Paks

Variety Paks

Get more stuff and save!

Variety Paks allow you and your family to get complete protection from some of the most common EMF situations, at a discount!


Ultimate Personal Protection Pak
Personal Protection Pak
On Sale! $104.50


Are you or someone you know always on the go and never without a cell phone? Then the Ultimate Personal Protection Pak is for you!

Wear the Crystal Catalyst Bead as a necklace or bracelet, carry the Pocket Resonator in a pocket or bag, and spot-clear your cell phone with the Cell Phone Tab, all at a discount!


Smart Meter Pak
Smart Meter Pak
On Sale! $116.50

Does your home or a neighbor’s home have a Smart Meter? Are there clusters of Smart Meters in your apartment or condominium complex? Then you need the Smart Meter Pak!

Aim the Star Tri-Pak at the Smart Meter to clear the incoming wireless frequencies, hang the Energy Harmonizer above the bed for added harmonization during sleep (as Smart Meter emissions often affect quality of sleep), and wear the Crystal Catalyst Bead for overall personal EMF protection and energy enhancement. All at a savings!


Frequent Flyer Pak
Frequent Flyer Pak
On Sale! $175.00

For frequent flyers who need to stay connected!

Carry the Pocket Resonator on the body or in a carry-on bag for grounding and EMF protection during airtravel (may help to mitigate the symptoms of jet lag), place the Energy Harmonizer on the nightstand for harmonize the wifi and other electromagnetic frequencies in the hotel room to improve quality of sleep, the Star 3-Hole is affixed to the tablet or laptop for spot-clearing those devices’ EMF fields, while the Cell Phone Tab  provides spot-clearing for your cell phone. Last but definitely not least, the Crystal Catalyst Bead can be worn as a necklace or bracelet for overall personal EMF protection and energy enhancement. Stay grounded and protected during travel, and save!