Wi-Fi Radiation

Wi-Fi Radiation Dangers and Health Risks

Invisible Dangers of Wi-Fi Radiation

Wi-Fi radiation health risks are not often addressed, as the convenience of Wi-Fi drives most people to go wireless with no questions asked.

The truth is, there has not been adequate research on the long term health effects of Wi-Fi radiation to date.

“As we enter the age of the wireless internet, no one can say for sure whether or not the radio waves from wireless will prove harmless or harmful. But no one has researched what the effect will be of a roomful of wireless products all being used simultaneously, with radio waves invisibly crisscrossing the space. -Dr. George Carlo, author “Cell Phones: Invisible Hazards in the Wireless Age”


Wi-Fi Radiation Dangers

Over the past few years the amount of Wi-Fi on the planet has skyrocketed.

Wireless radiation is also known as microwave or RF radio wave frequencies. Using Wi-Fi or spending time in a space that has WiFi puts your body in a sea of microwave radiation.

As mentioned earlier, no official studies have been done on the long term effects of being exposed to wireless radiation from wireless internet routers.

If you have WiFi in your home, you are living, eating and sleeping in wireless microwave radiation. These wireless radiations are continually active and do not go on only when someone is using the connection. Even if you don’t have WiFi, if a close neighbor does, chances are those microwave radiations are soaring through your home. The dame holds true for apartment dwellers.


Wi-Fi Health Effects

Although there have been no official  government studies done to date, Dr. Magda Havas, Ph.D. is an Associate Professor of Environmental & Resource Studies at Trent University and has spent several years researching the effects of Wi-Fi exposure.

Dr. Havas’ research has shown long term Wi-Fi exposure contributes to:

  • fatigue
  • sleeping problems
  • digestive disturbances
  • irritability
  • eyestrain
  • floaters
  • headaches
  • dry skin
  • rashes
  • irregular heart beat
  • depression
  • birth defects
  • increase in speed of growth of cancer cells

Dr. Havas’ also found that Wi-Fi exposure seemed to have a detrimental impact on sperm health as well as affecting children’s developing brains and possibly leading to Autism.


Neutralize Wireless Internet Radiation with Crystal Catalyst Technology

While going back to a wired connection is by far the best approach, this is not often convenient nor possible for many, especially office workers.

Crystal Catalyst Technology is a new type of silicone-based Advanced Ceramic Material whose unique composition enables it to transform harmful frequencies into  beneficial resonances.

This new High-Tech Ceramic Material is then used to make Dielectric Resonators. Dielectric Resonators are among the most powerful absorbers of electromagnet radiations.


Crystal Catalyst Resonators WiFi EMF Protection

The result are Crystal Catalyst Dielectric Resonators. Crystal Catalyst Resonators absorb harmful EMFs, transform them into beneficial frequencies and then rebroadcast these harmonized frequencies out.

For clearing Wi-Fi radiations, there are several Crystal Catalyst Resonators that can be used, depending on the specific Wi-Fi situation.

For a wireless internet router, we recommend using the Star 3-Hole Resonator on the actual router.

For space-clearing incoming Wi-Fi radiations from neighboring Wi-Fi, we recommend installing one or more Star Tri-Paks in the home or investing in the Whole House Clearing Device the Clearfield Plate.

For office situations where the actual source of the wireless internet can not be cleared, we recommend wearing personal EMF protection in the form of the Bead or Frequency Harmonizer Pendant, in addition to carrying the Pocket Resonator on the body.