Airplane Radiation

Airplane Radiation Exposure Exceeds Safety Levels

Airplane Radiation exposure has been documented by various Agencies to be above the levels of what is considered safe for many Airline workers and frequent flyers.

 “Because of their occupations, airline pilots and flight attendants routinely are exposed to higher levels of radiation than many other workers. Airline crew members and frequent flyers receive annual doses on the order of between 500 and 600 millirem.” -Council on Radioactive Waste Management

During a cross country flight from NY to LA you are subjected to more radiation from the plane then you are during a chest X-ray.

Recent studies have shown that airline stewardesses have a 50% greater chance of developing breast cancer than other women due to their constant exposure to airplane radiation.

A study of airline pilots found unusually high rates of Down’s Syndrome among their offspring. Studies have linked both cancer and Down’s Syndrome to genetic alterations caused by radiation exposure.


How To Reduce Airplane Radiation Exposure with Crystal Catalyst Technology

Airplane radiation exposure is caused by an increase in Cosmic Radiation as well as radiation from the plane itself.

Crystal Catalyst Technology is a new type of Advanced Ceramic Material whose unique composition enables it to transform harmful frequencies into beneficial resonances.


Crystal Catalyst Airplane EMF Protection

For protection from Airplane Radiation during air travel, we recommend wearing personal EMF protection in the form of the Bead, in addition to carrying the Pocket Resonator on the body.

The Pocket Resonator was designed specifically for Airline Pilots and will aid in reducing effects of Jet Lag, in addition to providing EMF protection. For Airplane Radiation protection, we recommend carrying the Pocket Resonator in a breast pocket, preferably on the left, so the base of the Resonator is aiming into the body, over the heart.

Children and babies are more susceptible to radiation damage, so be sure to have them wear the Bead as jewelry or, for babies, pin it inside their clothing.