Authentic Shungite

Ancient Carbon for Modern Times

Authentic Shungite is a rare form of Ancient Carbon found only in a certain area of Russia. Containing Carbon in a crystalline form, Authentic Shungite possesses unique curative, healing and protective qualities which have been used and documented by the Russians since the time of Peter the Great.

Known as "The Stone of Life" in Russian Folklore, Shungite is used in modern Russia for water purification, agriculture, in hospitals to aid healing and quicken recovery times, and for the clearing of electromagnetic frequencies and radiation. Studied intensely by Russian scientists for the past twenty years, the stone has been found to be among the few natural materials on Earth known to contain the very powerful Carbon-based Antioxidants known as Fullerenes.

It is the organic Fullerenes present naturally in the stone which scientists feel are responsible for its almost magical properties.

The History of Fullerenes

So important was the modern discovery of Fullerenes in 1996 by the science world, that the scientists involved in that discovery were awarded the Nobel Prize in Chemistry. Fullerenes -or Buckyballs as they are affectionately known due to their molecular shape resembling the famous Geodesic dome created by Buckminster Fuller- are thought by scientists to have originated in outer space.

The History of Authentic Shungite

Authentic Shungite's origin is an enigma to scientists. While not proven, many scientists believe the stone to have formed over 2 billion years ago during the Precambrian Era on Earth. Many scientists speculate its large reserves of Fullerenes point to it being formed from a Meteorite that hit the Earth. There are other theories by scientists that point towards Authentic Shungite being formed in water.

Authentic Shungite as Natural Energy Filter

While its origins are shrouded in mystery, what is known about Authentic Shungite is its unparalleled ability to harmonize electromagnetic fields and radiation. While Carbon itself is used in filter form to clear and absorb impurities in both the air and the water, Authentic Shungite has the ability to 'filter' the energy environment by "making chaotic frequencies coherent". Some who have studied the stone speak of its ability to "alter the Bioenergy Field" while others speak of the stone's ability to "correct Torsion Fields". However the exact manner in which the stone clears energy. the end result are harmonized frequencies which strengthen the energy field and overall well-being of the individuals, animals and plants that are exposed to it.

Ancient Remedy for Modern EMF Pollution

With the ever increasing amount of background wireless radiation - and the pending roll-out of 5G, The Internet of Things, and Smart Cities- clearing EMF Pollution has never been as important as it is today. Being electrical in nature, the body was never designed to live amongst the continual onslaught of unnatural, man-made frequencies and radiations that we are collectively subjected to.

The idea of protecting from these frequencies through shielding devices and blocking materials can be both impractical as well as ineffective. Studies have shown that blocking devices only increases the devices output of radiation as the device continually increases the strength of its signal as it strives to make a connection.

A more recent look into blocking frequencies shows that this approach to protecting from EMFs weakens the body overtime, as the 'good' radiations produced by the Earth for the wellbeing of all living things get blocked out with the 'bad' frequencies. With shielding materials, over time, the body is left weaker. This is why so many Electrically Sensitive individuals find it difficult to get their energy back and to reduce their symptoms, they continue to use blocking materials, depriving their bodies of the natural radiations supplied by the Earth that they need to regain health and strength.

Authentic Shungite takes a different approach to EMF clearing. With a strong force field and what scientists are now referring to as an 'evolutionary memory', the stone is able to transform harmful frequencies and radiations into forms that support the energy of the body, rather than stress it. This has a beneficial effect on health.

Authentic Shungite Properties

Authentic Shungite has been studied by Russian scientists and found to have the following properties:

  • Makes chaotic frequencies coherent, another way of saying it harmonizes frequencies.
  • In animal studies, greatly reduces the pathogenic effects of EMFs on the blood until they are almost imperceptible.
  • Increases the overall immunity of the body.
  • Quickens healing time from illness, surgery and disease states.
  • Balances the central nervous system.
  • Aids in regulating hormones.
  • Clears Geopathic Stress.
  • Rejuvenates the skin and hair when used topically and internally.


Authentic Shungite vs Inferior Shungite

There are many stones currently on the market that are advertised as Shungite but are not. These stones look identical to Shungite, and do contain small amounts of Organic Carbon, but are not real Shungite. These stones are mined in India and China and are then imported into the states and sold as Shungite.

 Authentic Shungite is found only in Russia.

But not all Shungite that comes from Russia is high-grade enough to be able to be used for EMF clearing or for improving health.

There are several Shungite mines in Russia. The bulk of these mines do contain Shungite, but inferior forms of the stone. This type of inferior Shungite has little to no EMF clearing and healing properties and is traditionally used in Russia for industrial purposes.

EMF Blues sources our own Authentic Shungite direct from the mine in Russia that contains the highest quality, therapeutic Shungite. All of our Shungite is guaranteed to contain a minimum of 30% Organic Carbon and be free from any coatings. All of our Shungite is also guaranteed to be carved from a single piece of Shungite stone.

Inferior Shungite will be cast from rubble and powder and will often be coated during the casting process. This type of Shungite is not suitable for EMF clearing or for increasing wellness. While its price tag might be cheaper, with Shungite, as with all stones, you generally get what you pay for in terms of quality.


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