Shungite Necklaces

Not all Shungite Necklaces are created equal.

Each of our Authentic Shungite Necklaces are individually carved from a single piece of Shungite stone, rather than cast from Shungite powder.

Shungite Necklaces provide personal EMF protection from all types of EMFs; wired, wireless radiation and 5G. They also protect the wearer from naturally occurring ground radiations, also known as Geopathic Stress, which are very weakening to the body.

What makes Authentic Shungite Necklaces really special is their ability to ground the wearer.

No other stone, crystal or grounding mat can compare to Shungite's natural ability to increase the energy in the pelvic floor and aid in the connection of the body to the earth.

Perfect for adults and kids!

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