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Balance Pendant

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Balance Pendant Personal EMF Protection & Balancing

The Balance Pendant will provide the wearer with overall personal EMF protection from all types of electromagnetic frequencies and radiations, including 5G. The Balance Pendant will also work to increase the strength of the pelvic floor by improving the body's ability to ground to the earth.

The Balance Pendant is handcrafted from a single piece of Authentic Shungite stone, rather than pressed from Shungite powder. No coating is applied to the Shungite, the stone is simply polished to a beautiful sheen.

Shungite is a carbon-based mineraloid that is estimated to be over 2 billion years old. True Shungite is found only in Russia. Being carbon-based, Shungite possesses natural filtering abilities of both air and water and is electroconductive.

Used in Russian Folk Medicine for centuries, Shungite gained a reputation for improving overall wellness.  Modern studies done on Shungite in Russia have found the stone to have the ability to harmonize electromagnetic frequencies while increasing the grounding charge inherent in all living things that reside on the earth.

Rather than attribute these properties to some type of mystical occurrence, these properties are a direct result of the stone being high in carbon and Fullerenes. Fullerenes are hollow-shaped carbon molecules that are considered to be master antioxidants, with C-60 being the most well-known of the fullerenes. C-60 is reputed to lengthen telomeres, thereby increasing longevity.

The Balance Pendant is carved from Type III Shungite stone. Type III Shungite contains between 30%-50% carbon, as opposed to lesser Shungite grades which can contain as little as 15%-20% carbon.

The Balance Pendant measures 1 inch in length and is 0.25 inches in width with a 4mm whole. The Balance Pendant comes with a thin, black cord that measures 3 feet in total length - 36 inches - and can be easily knotted. Shungite can be worn with any type of metal or non-metal chain.

Origin: Russia

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Product reviews

  • 5
    Balance pendant

    Posted by Dianne on Feb 3rd 2023

    I notice a difference in how I feel when wearing the pendant. I seem more grounded and can concentrate better. Some people don't understand what I go through when I have electronic gadgets all around me. I am calmer and a better person to be around.

  • 5
    I love and enjoy wearing my necklace . My cat decided to chew up the string . Sigh

    Posted by Diana on Jan 24th 2023

    Love it !

  • 5
    Great EMF pendant

    Posted by Kirstin on Dec 22nd 2022

    This necklace has been a huge help. I could tell that with the 5g and everything I needed more protection than my old emf pendant from a few years ago. Ever since I started wearing it I feel stronger, more balanced and more able to cope with life. My health feels stronger and more resilient too. I tried another emf necklace from another company that probably was decent, but it wasn’t a natural stone. I really prefer the feel of this one being natural stone.

  • 5
    Balance Pendant

    Posted by Diana Ocasio on Nov 4th 2022

    loving this pendant.. Thank you !

  • 4

    Posted by bilbro yarbrough on Sep 29th 2022


  • 4

    Posted by Unknown on Jul 25th 2022

    It is a nice pendant. Just as advertised.

  • 5
    Balance Pendant

    Posted by Thomas Hammer on May 20th 2022

    It's nice wearing a real rock. The size for me is perfect and the cord is fine also. I'm glad that I took the time to shop around and buy a real rock!

  • 3

    Posted by Robert on Jan 29th 2022

    The strap is so thin it is ridiculous. I have tried tying it repeatedly and the material will not let me make a knot

  • 4
    shungite pendant

    Posted by Patricia on Dec 25th 2021

    It's very pretty but quite large. Does not lay flat on the body. Will have to be aware when hugging.