Biomagnetic Research

Family Business Since 1983

Robert McKusick, his wife Charmion, daughter Kathleen and son-in-law Geoff started Biomagnetic Research Inc. back in 1983 and have been manufacturing Crystal Catalyst Resonators out of their home in rural Globe, Arizona ever since.

Our small, family business produces ceramic dielectric resonators which are individually made, by hand, with love and intention to absorb harmful emanations and rebroadcast the energy in neutral to beneficial ranges.

-Charmion McKusick
co-founder Biomagnetic Research Inc.

Developers of Crystal Catalyst® Technology

Biomagnetics are the “originators and developers of advanced ceramics for clearing Electronic Pollution and for Life Energy Enhancement.

Over 25 years ago, Robert McKusick developed a new advanced ceramic material with amazing clearing and life energy enhancing abilities. He called this ceramic Crystal Catalyst. This invention landed Robert a listing in the Who’s who of American Scientists!

Chiropractors, acupuncturists, naturopaths, feng shui specialists and energy healers have been using Crystal Catalyst to help their patients cope with EMF exposure for over 25 years.

Now you can too!

Robert McKusick

Robert McKusick worked in the fields of Dowsing and Ceramic Engineering for over 50 years. While he is best known as the creator of Crystal Catalyst Technology, his list of achievements are long.

Robert is the modern discoverer of the “Battery Effect of crystals and gemstones”, which earned him a listing in the Who’s Who of American Scientists. He is considered a pioneer in the field of Biofeedback, Kirlian Photography and Parapsychology, the latter of which he taught college courses in. He has authored several booklets on dowsing and has lectured worldwide on the topic of subtle energy for over 30 years. His dowsing skills have made him in demand by the Police, who often hire him to help locate missing persons.

Robert was appointed to the prestigious American Society of Dowsers Registry of Recognition for his dowsing expertise. He spent ten years serving as the Regional Vice-President of the American Society of Dowsers and currently serves as President of the Globe Dowsers.

Robert took his expertise in subtle energy, combined it with his work with crystals and gemstones, as well as his studies on magnetism, and created a new advanced ceramic material whose ability to alter harmful energies and rebroadcast them as beneficial made it a powerful immune strengthener and EMF Protection Device.

Charmion McKusick

Charmion was taught how to Dowse by her father when she was just 4 years old. Charmion’s formal education is as an Archeologist, a field she became sought after for identifying bones with dowsing. She has also worked as a Psychic Healer for over 30 years. Charmion is the author of two booklets on Dowsing.

Agent Orange

In the spring of 1969, the McKusick’s, along with other residents of Globe, AZ, were sprayed with Agent Orange as part of a testing program. Not once, but twice.

Robert recalls, “In May of 1969, the land uphill from our home was used as an Agent Orange test area. Many of our neighbors and animals died. We were so sick, we were trying to stay alive. Our immune systems were shot.”

Charmion contracted cancer shortly after the spraying. Robert was determined to find a way to help himself and his family survive. It was this horrible tragedy which led Robert to the creation of Crystal Catalyst Technology. Crystal Catalyst’s ability to create harmonious frequencies helps to boost the immunity of those who wear it, as well as neutralize EMF’s.

Robert and his family eventually recovered their health, and Robert feels Crystal Catalyst Technology played an important role in their healing.

When the county we live in was sprayed with Agent Orange, we created a way to heal ourselves through developing Crystal Catalyst Technology.

-Robert McKusick