FDA Says Radiation & 5G Are Safe? Scientists Say 'Not'

Jul 30th 2020

After the FDA spent 30 million dollars on the National Toxicology Program study, they are ignoring their own study's findings and moving forward with the 'safe' label for radiation and 5G. The … read more

Published Studies On 5G

Jul 17th 2020

Contrary to popular belief, scientific research on 5G high millimeter wave frequencies has been conducted. These studies point to health hazards that would prohibit the new Network's roll-out bas … read more

Health Risks of Radiofrequency Radiation

Jun 15th 2020

Professor Tom Butler from the University of Cork in Ireland has authored a paper on the effects of radiofrequency radiation, also known as RFR. Professor Butler points out in his paper that "as … read more

Proximity to Power Lines Linked to Brain Tumors

Jun 2nd 2020

A 2020 published study in the Environmental Research Journal has found a link between living in close proximity to power lines and brain tumors. The study comes out of France and consisted of m … read more

Wireless Radiation Putting Children At Risk

May 28th 2020

To date, many countries worldwide have taken special precautions when it comes to children and technology. Bans on the use of cell phones in schools is a move that has been made by some governmen … read more