Wireless Radiation Putting Children At Risk

May 28th 2020

To date, many countries worldwide have taken special precautions when it comes to children and technology. Bans on the use of cell phones in schools is a move that has been made by some governmen … read more

Spotlight On The Radiation Research Trust

May 20th 2020

The Radiation Research Trust is a Scotland-based charitable organization whose mission is to educate people on the health hazards associated with exposure to RF radiation. The Radiation Researc … read more

New FCC Ruling Allows 5G Antennas on Homes

May 15th 2020

While many prominent voices in the sciences have been calling for the halt of the roll-out of 5G, a new ruling by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) will fast-track the deployment of 5G Ant … read more

Nigeria Researching Safety of 5G Before Deployment

May 4th 2020

On April 4th, 2020, the Nigerian Government issued a statement regarding the deployment of the Fifth Generation Network, known as 5G. The Nigerian Government stated that they will not be g … read more

Online School EMF Safety Tips

Apr 28th 2020

The Washington DC National Institute for Science, Law and Public Policy was created in 1978 to bridge the gap between scientific uncertainties and the safety of the public. The NISLAPP has been a s … read more