Why Broadband is Needed, NOT 5G...

Dec 28th 2020

5G vs Broadband As the push to roll out 5G continues, there seems to be a 5G backlash happening not just from the public, but from the technology sector itself. A Chinese multinational te … read more

WiFi in Yellowstone Park Threatening Wildlife

Nov 8th 2020

WiFi Towers Now In Yellowstone National Park Ah, the great outdoors. How lovely it is to stretch your legs, walk amongst the animals, be one with nature...and check your email? Now, visitors to Yel … read more

Cell Phone Radiation Exceeds Safety Levels

Nov 8th 2020

Cell Phone Radiation Numerous scientific studies have proven that most cell phones emit levels of radiation that exceed government safety guidelines, especially when held against the body. In on … read more

How the Russian Tsars Used Shungite Water for Healing

Oct 21st 2020

Shungite WaterShungite is a mysterious stone found only in Russia. The stone itself is thought to be over 2 billion years old. Scientists speculate as to its origins, as it contains specific forms of … read more

The Difference Between WiFi & Cell Phone Radiation

Oct 21st 2020

WiFi Radiation vs Cell Phone RadiationIt’s a widely accepted fact that long-term exposure to cell phone frequency radiation can have negative effects on the health of the brain, with both brain cancer … read more