Is Your School "High Performance, Low EMF"?

Feb 24th 2020

Schools in America and Canada were some of the first educational facilities to embrace the shift from hardwired internet connections to wireless. With wireless touted as more efficient, this was do … read more

Scientists Question the Safety of Untested 5G

Oct 31st 2018

Untested 5G According to Dr. Devra Davis, scientist and founder of the Environmental Health Trust, “If you are one of the millions who seek faster downloads of movies, games..., a solution is … read more

Educators Call for Safer Technology

Oct 29th 2018

Reduction of RF Radiation in Schools The San Francisco Teacher Union has passed a Resolution calling for the reduction of RF radiation in San Francisco schools. The resolution became off … read more

PhD Gives EMF Protection Tips

Sep 15th 2016

Renowned Scientist Shares EMF Tips Dr. Devra Davis, PhD,. MPH, is the founder and President of Environmental Health Trust, a scientific think tank that carries out research on environmental healt … read more

Study Finds EMF Exposure Increases Risk of Miscarriage

May 25th 2016

There are many known factors that can contribute to miscarriages. A good physician will warn a women that during pregnancy she should avoid alcohol, tobacco smoke, and many medications. This ph … read more