Part 1: Real People Tell How Smart Meters Made Them Sick

Oct 28th 2015

Sensitivity to radiation is not always easy to diagnose. As the symptoms offer mirror ‘general malaise’, some people go years and travel from health professional to health professional trying to … read more

Evidence EMFs Harmful to the Heart

Oct 21st 2015

The heart is electrical in nature, as is the brain.There is new evidence that points to the heart being drastically affected by electromagnetic frequencies, particularly wireless frequencies, also … read more

Study Says ‘Diseases of Civilization’ Caused By EMFs

Oct 16th 2015

We are constantly reminded that the myriad of degenerative diseases that currently plaque humanity did not exist among indigenous peoples, nor were many of our own distant relatives affected by … read more

Male Breast Cancer Linked to EMF Exposure

Oct 14th 2015

Dr. Samuel Milham is a published author of many articles on the dangers of electromagnetic field exposure, as well as the author of the book “Dirty Electricity: Electrfication and the Diseases of … read more