Industry Admits Smart Meter EMF Illness is Real

Oct 8th 2015

In this private email from CPUC President Michael Peevey to PG & E’s Brian Cherry, Peevey admits that EMF illness from Smart Meters, and other EMF sources, is real.From: Peevey, Michael R.Sent: … read more

Goodbye to Landline Phones

Oct 7th 2015

According to the California EMF Safety Coalition, there are plans to abolish the use of landline phones by 2020 .The organization has issued this statement: “AT&T has a policy named “2020″ that … read more

Exposure to RF Radiation Induces Hypothyroidism

Oct 7th 2015

Hypothyroidism is on the rise and, according to a study out of the Department of Biophysics at Gaza University in Turkey, diet and lack of iodine are not the only culprits.It seems that modulating … read more