Disturbed Sleep? Swedish Study Says EMFs To Blame

Oct 6th 2015

According to a recent survey, 60 million Americans can’t get to sleep at night. Worry, pressure, and stress are always cited as the main culprits and relaxation techniques are always offered as … read more

EMF Exposure Causes a Spike in Stress Hormones

Oct 5th 2015

A study out of the Department of Physiology in Columbia University, New York has found that exposure to both ELF (Extremely Low Frequency) and RF (Radio Frequency) activates the cellular stress … read more

Part 2: Experts Voice Their Views on Risks of EMFs

Oct 3rd 2015

Top scientists from around the world share their concerns about EMF pollution and the potential health risks involved from exposure. “Non-ionizing radiation (NIR) absorption by the population in … read more

Part 1: Experts Voice Their Views on Risks of EMFs

Oct 2nd 2015

“Electromagnetic fields from power and telecommunications systems, as they are present in our everyday environment, have biological and human health impacts that have not been officially acknowl … read more