Cell Phone Radiation Exceeds Safety Levels

Nov 8th 2020

Cell Phone Radiation

Numerous scientific studies have proven that most cell phones emit levels of radiation that exceed government safety guidelines, especially when held against the body.

In one such study, 450 different cell phone models were tested and found to emit radiation levels over 11 times higher than the US FCC limit and 3 times higher than European ICNIRP limits. Most cell phones actually come with instructions that warn people to maintain a distance of separation between themselves and their phones.

However, these instructions are usually buried in the fine print of the operating system or manufacturer’s manual where virtually no one will ever see them.

Millions of people go about their lives using and carrying their cell phones against their bodies, completely unaware of the dangerous levels of RF radiation being absorbed into the body as they do so. In Europe, 13 different cell phone models have been recalled due to high radiation measurements.

Many scientists are pushing for the update of cell phone compliance testing and are calling for the FDA and FCC to recall phones that don’t meet the safety limits set forth by the government.

It’s very common these days for children and teens to use cell phones to watch videos, play games, take pictures, and play around on. However, children are at especially high risk for health complications related to radiation poisoning.

Research has shown that children’s brains absorb radiation more deeply than adults. Children's brains are growing rapidly, and radiation exposure from cell phones can affect a child’s behavior (hyperactivity, emotional outbursts, short-attention span) due to changes in the brain and can increase their chances of developing brain cancer.

Pregnant women are also at high risk from cell phone radiation exposure. Several research reviews have linked cell phone use during pregnancy with increased risk for preterm birth.

Radiation safety levels in the US have not changed since 1996, despite a growing body of evidence from government backed studies linking wireless radiation exposure to cancer, tumors, miscarriages, birth defects, autism, infertility and more.

While it’s not so realistic to get rid of cell phones and wireless devices altogether, it is recommended to keep phones at a distance of 3 feet away from the body whenever possible to ensure minimal exposure to radiation.

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