Common Symptoms From Smart Meter Radiation

Sep 29th 2020

The roll-out of Smart Meters has created controversy in the United States and Australia, as many people are hesitant to expose themselves and their families to chronic wireless radiation.

Recent surveys were conducted in the United States and Australia that provide substantial evidence of the symptoms associated with radiofrequency radiation from Smart Meters.

The first survey includes 318 participants from over 28 states in America. The second survey includes 92 respondents from Australia. Both these surveys revealed that exposure to Smart Meter radiation led to new health issues or led to increasing symptoms from existing health issues.

The respondents reported new or worsening symptoms that correlated with the installation of Smart Meters on their home or in their neighborhood.

Primary symptoms reported were:

  • fatigue
  • stress
  • irritability
  • anxiety
  • physical weakness
  • muscle weakness
  • pressure in the eyes
  • eye pain
  • heart palpitations
  • heart arrhythmias
  • various cardiac symptoms
  • body pains
  • arthritis
  • pain that is acute and stabbing
  • flu-related symptoms
  • nausea
  • neuropathy
  • leg cramps

Secondary symptoms reported were:

  • sinus problems
  • respiratory illnesses
  • cough
  • nose bleeds
  • asthma
  • urinary problems
  • diabetes
  • skin rashes
  • thyroid problems
  • facial flushing
  • endocrine disorders
  • high blood pressure
  • changes in children’s behavior
  • hyperactivity
  • menstrual cycle changes
  • dizziness
  • cognitive disturbances

Overall, the surveys showed that the “top health issues since new meters installed” can be categorized by these percentages:

  • 49% sleep problems
  • 43% stress, anxiety, and irritability
  • 40% headaches
  • 38% ringing in the ears
  • 26% heart problems

The doctors who evaluated the surveys concluded that the symptoms that developed from Smart Meter exposure are linked to "a deterioration of the overall health of the individual's body" as a result of chronic radiation exposure and concluded that this state of low grade stress on the body can lead to more serious disease states, including cancer.

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Symptoms after Exposure to Smart Meter Radiation by Ronald M Powell, PhD