Proximity to Power Lines Linked to Brain Tumors

Jun 2nd 2020

A 2020 published study in the Environmental Research Journal has found a link between living in close proximity to power lines and brain tumors.

The study comes out of France and consisted of monitoring groups of people over an extended period of time based on their geographical location to power lines.

The study found a direct correlation between residential proximity to power lines and adult brain tumors.

A death certificate based case-control study found an association between adult brain tumor mortality and living less than 50 m from a power line...

Previous research studies done on power line electromagnetic frequency exposure have consistently shown an increase in childhood leukemias. These studies led the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) to call power line EMFs a "possible" human carcinogen.

Many countries have protective policies put in place regarding levels of EMF exposure surrounding power lines. Croatia, Finland, France, Israel, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Slovenia, Switzerland, Germany, Spain, Belgium, Denmark, Lithuania and Poland all have instituted some type of regulation regarding EMF output of power lines.

The United States has no protective policies put in place for power line EMFs. This allows for high voltage power lines to be erected in close proximity to residences and also allows for any level of leakage from lines.

EMF leakage happens when more electricity than the lines were designed to carry is run through them. Much of America's power lines are decades old and were never designed to hold the amount of electricity now running through them - creating the potential for high levels of EMF leakage and any health dangers that might be associated with it based on studies.

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Residential Proximity to Power Lines