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Carbon-1 Pendant

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Personal EMF Protection & Rejuvenation

The Carbon-1 Pendant offers strong protection from EMFs while providing rejuvenative energy to the wearer.

Our Carbon-1 Pendant is made from a rare type of Crystal Carbon Shungite that contains an exceptionally high amount of Carbon and Fullerenes. Carbon and Fullerenes are the substances that give Shungite its unique EMF clearing and healing properties.

Carbon is a soft mineral, and Shungite that contain high amounts of Carbon are not able to be shaped into personal jewelry pieces that can be worn.

The rare type of Crystal Carbon Shungite used to make the Carbon-1 Pendant offers a high amount of Carbon while still being hard enough to be able to cut into small shapes.

This creates a Pendant that is ultra-protective from EMFs and ultra-rejuvenative to the body!

Crystal Carbon Shungite Benefits

Crystal Carbon Shungite is a high-grade, therapeutic Shungite sourced directly from the original Shungite mine in Russia. Crystal Carbon Shungite has a rich history of being used to clear electromagnetic frequencies and radiations, including Geopathic Stress. Crystal Carbon Shungite has also been used to clear water and worn to aid in the rejuvenation of the body.

How To Use

The Carbon-1 Pendant can be worn as a necklace with any type of chain, as metal will not interfere with the Pendant's clearing field. Crystal Carbon Shungite does not need to be cleared, as the high-Carbon content makes the stone self-clearing.

Imported from Russia especially for you!