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Cell Phone Tab

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Clear Cell Phones, Bluetooth Headsets, Apple Watches, Wearable Monitoring Devices and more!

Cell Phone Radiation Protection

The Cell Phone Tab clears wireless radiation from Cell Phones, Bluetooth Headsets and other wireless devices. The Tab is purposefully made small - yet concentrated - to fit easily on small wireless devices.

The Cell Phone Tab is an Advanced Ceramic Dielectric Resonator that absorbs harmful wireless radiations and transforms them into beneficial resonances that are strengthening to the body.

Use the Cell Phone Tab to clear:

*Cell Phones

*5G Cell Phones - use 2 Tabs

*Bluetooth Headsets

*Apple Watches

*Wearable Monitoring Devices

Crystal Catalyst Technology

Crystal Catalyst Technology is a silicon-based Advanced Ceramic found only in Crystal Catalyst Resonators. Advanced Ceramics have the ability to alter energies. Fiber Optics and Solar Panels are two examples of Advanced Ceramics.

Crystal Catalyst Technology's unique composition enables it to harmonize electromagnetic frequencies and radiations. These newly harmonized frequencies are strengthening to the body. Learn more about Crystal Catalyst Technology...


Crystal Catalyst Resonators are best tested using Muscle Testing, Whole Brainwave Functioning and Dowsing. As the Resonators do not block or shield frequencies, they will not change the reading on an EMF Meter. (As the frequencies are harmonized but still present, they can be detected by an EMF Meter). For home testing, basic Muscle Testing is the best method for testing the effectiveness of the Resonators. Learn more about testing Crystal Catalyst...

How To Use

The Cell Phone Tab should be placed directly on the Cell Phone being cleared. For most Cell Phones, the Cell Phone Tab is best placed on the back, centered and towards the top. If a Case is used, the Tab can be placed on the Case rather than directly on the Cell Phone. This placement will in no way diminish the Tab's clearing of the Cell Phone. The Cell Phone Tab has adhesive on the back, so simply peel and stick!

The Cell Phone Tab can also be used to clear Bluetooth Headsets and other wireless devices. The Tab does not wear out over time, so it does not require recharging or replacing. The Cell Phone Tab can be moved from one Cell Phone to another. If you get a new Phone, simply transfer the Tab to the new Phone. Each Cell Phone Tab comes with an extra Stickie to make it easy to transfer.

We recommend using one Cell Phone Tab per Cell Phone. To clear 5G Cell Phones, we are recommending using two Cell Phone Tabs based on feedback from Customers who are using 5G Phones.

What People Are Saying About The Cell Phone Tab...

"I have been using cell phone tab more than one year. My homeopath in Bakersfield, CA recommended to use it for cell phone. It works! I have chronic Lyme disease for a decade, so I have EMF Sensitivity."

-Tomoko, CA

"I applied two of your spot-devices on my iphone, and what a difference! No more shocks or headache stress."

– Naomi, Virginia

 “On Friday, I got my package and without further adieu I put the EMF Blues products to the test. I can emphatically say that the cell phone tab and star 3 holes have made using the cellphone and using my Tv and laptop in the living room (lit with fluorescent light) far more bearable. ”

– Joan, Caribbean

“I bought the same one for my old cell phone after my ear was burnt and peeling from 45 minutes use. I paid attention to how warm my cell phone was during use. After attaching the Cell Phone Tab, the cell phone was always cool during use and my ears have not burned. Thank you for sharing your genius.”

-Lisa, Washington

"Thank you for the cell phone tab stickies. Unfortunately my housekeeper threw away the tab while I was waiting for the stickies, so I had to buy some new tabs. I didn’t realize what a difference your products make in how unpleasant it is to use my electronics, but you certainly have found a repeat customer. I just wanted to say thank you.

-Jonathon, Washington DC

 "I have been using cell phone tab more than one year. My homeopath in Bakersfield, CA recommended to use it for cell phone. It works! I have chronic Lyme disease for a decade, so I have EMF Sensitivity.

-Tomoko, California

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Product reviews

  • 5
    Cell phone tab

    Posted by Unknown on Oct 31st 2020

    As always a perfect product ad delivery

  • 5
    Cell phone tab

    Posted by Tamar on Oct 18th 2020

    Great. I don’t feel the radiation emitted from the cell phone and can finally work on my phone for long periods of time with no pain in joints. Thank you.

  • 5
    discreet protection

    Posted by HDH on Jun 18th 2020

    adds quiet bling and emf protection

  • 5
    Peace of mind

    Posted by Marla Star on Mar 15th 2020

    Since 2008 I have had a EMF Blues tab, beads, and a 3 hole resonate tab. For any and all my cell phones and tablets. I wear two of the beads and my dog has one too.! Feeling good. I tell everyone " get a shield", and explain how it works. Thank you for helping us all stay healthy. Marla Star, California, USA

  • 5
    EMF Cell phone tab-AMAZING

    Posted by Andrea Brown on Nov 26th 2019

    I purchased one of these a year or so ago and wasn’t 100% sure it made a difference. I seemed to feel less overwhelmed by screen use, but that could easily have been in my head. Well, my tab finally broke (it’s made well—I just have 3 kids that are VERY hard on my phone and made it their personal mission to tear it apart) and now I’m certain of how much this tab actually helped. It’s hard to describe, but without it on my phone I feel “buzzy” or “electrically charged”...not sure how else to explain it. I’ve purchased multiple products and they’re a much cheaper and reasonable solution than many others I’ve seen on the market. Seriously...if nothing else, at least get a personal protection bead.

  • 5
    They fit nicely on our phones & ipad

    Posted by Sue Schmiesing on Aug 8th 2019

    We’ve only had them for a week - I’ll be anxious to see if my phone gets warm if I use it for a long period.

  • 3
    It's Tiny.

    Posted by Yvette Hodge on Mar 26th 2019

    Its Cute However, I haven't noticed any difference yet. Hopefully soon.

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