Clear By Need

Our 'Clear By Need' section is here to help you find the Crystal Catalyst Resonators needed to clear a specific EMF situation. Please see the following sections listed in the dropdown menu under our 'Clear By Need' Category.

If you still have questions on which Resonators are right for your clearing needs, feel free to send an inquiry to or use our Contact Form.

  • Shungite Cell Phone Tab
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    Shungite Cell Phone Tab


    In stock. Ships out of Nashville in 2-4 days! Shungite Cell Phone Tab 2 Billion Year Old Cell Phone EMF Protection Shungite is a 2 billion year old stone whose unique Carbon composition enables it to transform harsh frequencies into beneficial...
  • Balance Pendant
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    Balance Pendant


    In stock. Ships out of Nashville in 2-4 days! Balance Pendant  -  Personal EMF Protection & Balancing The Balance Pendant will provide the wearer with overall personal EMF protection from all types of electromagnetic frequencies and...
  • Shungite Bead /3 Pak
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    Shungite Bead /3 Pak


    In stock. Ships out of Nashville in 2-4 days! Shungite Beads  Get Creative With EMF Protection & Grounding Shungite Beads are a fun, simple and practical way to get the power of Authentic Shungite stone into your life! Shungite Beads offer up...
  • So-Square
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    In stock. Ships out of Nashville in 2-4 days! So-Square So Many Uses for EMF Clearing & Charging! Get creative with clearing! The So-Square has so many practical uses and applications, your imagination is the limit when using this clearing tool...
  • Swirl-It
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    In stock. Ships out of Nashville in 2-4 days! Swirl-It  Don't just spot-clear it, Swirl-It! Spot-clear your technologies and appliances using the Swirl-It! Spot-clearing clears the individual EMF field coming from the technology or appliance and...
  • Car Swirl
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    Car Swirl


    New shipment of Car Swirls on the way! Pre-Order yours now to reserve from the new batch. Car Swirl - Car EMF Protection & Grounding! The Car Swirl clears all types of EMFs - wired, wireless and 5G - and Geopathic Stress, in addition to providing...
  • Cuboid
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    In stock. Ships out of Nashville in 2-4 days! Cuboid - The Cube of Power! The Cuboid offers peace of mind in more ways then one! With its strong ability to clear all types of EMFs, including wired, wireless and 5G, as well as all types of Geopathic...
  •  Power-Up Pyramid
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    Power-Up Pyramid


    Power-Up Pyramid - Clear & Uplift Your Energy Space! Ancient Technology delivers powerful EMF and energy clearing for today's modern spaces! The Power-Up Pyramid will clear a 576 square foot space of all types of electromagnetic frequencies; wired,...