5G EMF Protection

5G is a new type of high-millimeter radiation that has never been used before for telecommunications and is untested. It functions differently than other wireless frequencies as it travels in beams.

For protection from 5G, we recommend wearing personal EMF protection, spot-clearing 5G devices and space-clearing environments.



  • Cuboid
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    Cuboid - The Cube of Power! The Cuboid offers peace of mind in more ways then one! With its strong ability to clear all types of EMFs, including wired, wireless and 5G, as well as all types of Geopathic Stress Zones, the Cuboid guarantees a space free...
  •  Power-Up Pyramid
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    Power-Up Pyramid


    Power-Up Pyramid - Clear & Uplift Your Energy Space! Ancient Technology delivers powerful EMF and energy clearing for today's modern spaces! The Power-Up Pyramid will clear a 576 square foot space of all types of electromagnetic frequencies; wired,...