5G EMF Protection

5G is a new type of radiation that is untested.

For nearby 5G Micro Cells, we recommend installing one or more Star Tri-Paks on the side of the space where the Micro Cells are located. The Star Tri-Pak should be positioned so its long edge is aiming out towards the 5G Micro Cell.

We also recommend space-clearing rooms using the Energy Harmonizer, especially bedrooms. The Clearfield Plate can also be installed for whole house clearing of incoming 5G.

For strong personal EMF protection for 5G, the Pocket Locket of B-510 are recommended. They can be worn as Pendants or carried in a pocket.

All Resonators are made by hand in small batches each week in Arizona, USA!

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    Power-Up Pyramid


    Power-Up Pyramid - Clear & Uplift Your Energy Space! Ancient Technology delivers powerful EMF and energy clearing for today's modern spaces! The Power-Up Pyramid will clear a 576 square foot space of all types of electromagnetic frequencies; wired,...
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    Pocket Locket


    'Enhanced' personal EMF protection and grounding. Designed with 5G in mind! 'Enhanced' Personal EMF Protection & Grounding The Pocket Locket is the newest Crystal Catalyst Resonator. Designed with 5G radiation in mind, the Pocket Locket contains a...
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    Strong personal EMF protection and grounding using Crystal Catalyst Crumbles! The B-510 - Make Yourself EMF Bulletproof! The B-510 is one of the newest additions to the line of Crystal Catalyst Resonators. Always looking for ways to improve the line...
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    Clearfield Plate


    *7/13/20 As the Plate is both a handmade and made to order Resonator, there are a limited amounts of Plates able to be made each week. In addition, due to the global pandemic, we are experiencing a shortage in the supply chain for some of the components...
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    Star Tri-Pak


    Protection from Incoming Wireless EMFs The Star Tri-Pak clears wireless EMFs coming in from outside sources. Containing the Advanced Ceramic Crystal Catalyst Technology, the Star Tri-Pak transforms harmful wireless frequencies into beneficial resonances...
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    Sphere Harmonizer w/Stand


    Use (1) For Room-Clearing & (2-3) For Whole House Clearing Sphere Harmonizer for Space-Clearing & Harmony The Sphere Harmonizer will clear a 676 square foot space of both EMFs (wired, wireless and 5G) and Geopathic Stress (underground earth...
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    The Great Pyramid


    The Great Pyramid  With a 6800 square foot clearing field, the Great Pyramid offers clearing of EMFs, Geopathic Stress, while purifying the air of radon and other contaminants. The Great Pyramid delivers strong EMF clearing abilities while...