Car EMF Protection

Cars are best cleared by placing a G-333 on the dashboard, centered over the console, and a Tri-Pak in the glove compartment. The G-333 has adhesive on the back, so just peel and stick! The Tri-Pak should be positioned in the glove compartment so its long edge/base is aiming towards the front of the car.

Hybrid cars require extra protection from the EMFs emitted from the batteries. Depending on your make of Hybrid, the batteries will be either in the front and/or under the floor in the rear. Like traditional cars, Hybrids should be cleared by placing a G-333 on the center of the dashboard, along with a Tri-Pak in the glove compartment.

A second Tri-Pak can be placed in the trunk of the car, positioned so the long edge of the Tri-Pak is aiming towards the front of the car. The Tri-Pak has adhesive, so it can be affixed to the floor of the trunk. The Tri-Pak can also be placed on the back ledge behind the rear seats, again with the long edge aiming towards the front of the car.

We always recommend turning off the WiFi in the car if it is not being used. Any radar devices in the car should be individually cleared by placing a Star 3-Hole on them.

Cars trap frequencies inside of them, as well as cause an increase in the radiation output of your cell phone signal. So, if using a cell phone in the car, we always recommend being sure to clear the car using the above recommendations, in addition to clearing your cell phone.

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    Car Swirl - Car EMF Protection & Grounding! The Car Swirl clears all types of EMFs - wired, wireless and 5G - and Geopathic Stress, in addition to providing strong grounding energy. It projects a clearing field for up to 12 feet in all directions,...