Cell Phone EMF Protection

The Cell Phone Tab will clear all radiations from cell phones. It is made entirely of the Advanced Ceramic Crystal Catalyst and is small enough to fit on phones easily. It can be placed directly on the phone or on the phone's case.

The Cell Phone Tab has adhesive on the back, so just peel and stick! If you get a new phone, simply remove the Tab and re-affix to the new phone. Each Cell Phone Tab comes with an extra piece of adhesive, making it easy to transfer the Tab to a new phone.

The Cell Phone Tab will not wear out over time and does not require recharging. For most phones, the best placement of the Tab is on the back, centered.

New 5G cell phones emit stronger radiation and, according to Customer feedback, placing three Tabs on a 5G phone renders it completely clear. Cell phones that are not 5G will only require one Cell Phone Tab for clearing.

The Cell Phone Tab is made by hand in Arizona, USA in small batches each week!



  • Cell Phone Tab


    Cell Phone Radiation Protection The Cell Phone Tab provides protection from Cell Phone radiation and Bluetooth radiation. Comprised entirely of the Advanced Ceramic material Crystal Catalyst Technology, the Cell Phone Tab transforms harmful radiations...