Cell Tower EMF Protection

Incoming radiation from nearby cell towers and antennas can be cleared using one or more Star Tri-Paks. The Star Tri-Pak should be positioned preferably on a windowsill that faces the general direction of the cell tower. When placed, it should be set so its long edge is aiming towards the cell tower.

If cell towers are on more than one side of a home, we recommend using a Star Tri-Pak on each side of the home that is exposed to the incoming cell tower radiation.

If a cell tower or antenna is on the roof of an apartment building, we recommend installing the Clearfield Plate in the space. The Clearfield Plate should be set flat on a table so the face of the Plate is aiming up towards the roof.

For cell towers that are within 1/2 mile from a space, we recommend using the Star Tri-Pak in conjunction with the Clearfield Plate. The Clearfield Plate can be hung on a wall so the face of the Plate is aiming towards the cell tower.

All Resonators are made by hand in small batches each week in Arizona, USA!

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    Power-Up Pyramid


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  • Star Tri-Pak
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    Star Tri-Pak


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