Circuit Box EMF Protection

For Circuit Breaker Boxes that are located in basements or garages, the Tri-Pak should be used to clear them. The Tri-Pak should be placed on the front door of the Box with its long edge aiming up or down, depending on where the entry of electricity is into the Box. In most basements and garages, the pipe bringing the electricity into the Box enters from above. So, if this is the case, you want to position the Tri-Pak on the door of the Box with the Pak's long edge aiming up towards the incoming electricity.

If the pipe bringing the electricity enters from below, the Tri-Pak should be positioned so its long edge is aiming down.

For Boxes that are located flush into a wall in a room or hallway. we recommend placing a G-33 on the door of the Box, as the electricity for these Boxes enters from behind the Box.

All Resonators are made by hand in small batches each week in Arizona, USA!

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