Smart Meter Protection

If you have direct access to a Smart Meter that is in a garage or basement, we recommend placing a G-333 on the Meter.

If the Smart Meter is on the outside wall of the home, we recommend placing the G-333 on the inside of the wall, so it sits directly opposite the Smart Meter.

If the Smart Meter is on a neighbor's home, we recommend using the Star Tri-Pak inside of your home to clear the incoming radiation. The Star Tri-Pak should be placed ideally on windowsill that faces the general direction of the outside Meter and should be positioned so its long edge/base is aiming towards the general direction of the Smart Meter.

If you have a bank of Smart Meters on an outside wall, we recommend using more than one G-333 on the inside of the wall. Each G-333 should be spaced a foot or more apart from one another.

For homes that are surrounded by neighboring Smart Meters, a Star Tri-Pak can be placed on a windowsill on each side of the home, positioned with its long edge aiming out.

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    Clear WiFi-enabled Desktop Computers, Smart Meters, Wireless Routers, Smart TVs and more! 'Extra-Strength' Wireless Radiation Protection The G-333 provides 'Extra-Strength' protection from wireless radiation, including 5G. Containing the Advanced...
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    Star Tri-Pak


    Protection from Incoming Wireless EMFs The Star Tri-Pak clears wireless EMFs coming in from outside sources. Containing the Advanced Ceramic Crystal Catalyst Technology, the Star Tri-Pak transforms harmful wireless frequencies into beneficial resonances...