TV EMF Protection

Large screen TVs are best cleared by placing a G-33 on them. The G-33 can be placed on the back or front of the screen, centered at the top or the bottom.

If any type of wireless device is used to control the TV,  it should be cleared by placing a Star 3-Hole on it.

If a satellite dish for the TV is placed on the roof or outside wall of a home, it can be cleared be aiming the long edge of the Star Tri-Pak at it.

All Resonators are made by hand in small batches each week in Arizona, USA!

  • Swirl-It
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    Swirl-It  Don't just spot-clear it, Swirl-It! Spot-clear your technologies and appliances using the Swirl-It! Spot-clearing clears the individual EMF field coming from the technology or appliance and is the recommended method for clearing all...
  • Cube Stabilizer
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    Cube Stabilizer


    Limited Supply! Pre-Order Now To Reserve Yours! Cube Stabilizer For Space-Clearing & Stabilizing! The Cube Stabilizer will clear a 100 square foot space of both EMFs (wired, wireless and 5G) and Geopathic Stress (altered earth radiations) while...