WiFi EMF Protection

Wireless routers should be cleared by placing a G-333 on them. The Star 3-Hole can also be used to clear wireless routers, but its clearing field is not as strong as the G-333, so we prefer to use the G-333. However, if budget is an issue, the Star 3-Hole is more cost-effective than the G-333 and can be substituted.

If the wireless router is a 5G router, or if it sits on a desk close to you or others, we then recommend the stronger G-333.

If you do not have access to the wireless router, we then recommend space-clearing the WiFi. If WiFi radiation is coming into a space from an outside source, we recommend using the Star Tri-Pak to clearing the incoming frequencies.

If the wireless router is in an area inside of a space, such as a school or office, and you are unable to spot-clear the router directly, we then recommend space-clearing the room using either the Energy Harmonizer or the Clearfield Plate.

All Resonators are made by hand in small batches each week in Arizona, USA!

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    Star 3-Hole


     Clear Wifi-enabled Computers, Laptops, Tablets, Cordless Phones, Smart TVs and more! Spot-Clear Wireless Radiation  The Star 3-Hole Resonator is an Advanced Ceramic Dielectric Resonator that absorbs harmful wireless radiations and...
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    Clearfield Plate


    *The Clearfield Plate is both a handmade and made to order Resonator, so there are limited Plates available to order each week. Get yours while it is in stock! Powerful Whole House Clearing  "...a breakthrough in clearing work..." -Cecil...
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    Clear WiFi-enabled Desktop Computers, Smart Meters, Wireless Routers, Smart TVs and more! 'Extra-Strength' Wireless Radiation Protection The G-333 provides 'Extra-Strength' protection from wireless radiation, including 5G. Containing the Advanced...
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    Star Tri-Pak


    Protection from Incoming Wireless EMFs The Star Tri-Pak clears wireless EMFs coming in from outside sources. Containing the Advanced Ceramic Crystal Catalyst Technology, the Star Tri-Pak transforms harmful wireless frequencies into beneficial resonances...