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Clearfield Plate

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*The Clearfield Plate is both a handmade and made to order Resonator, so there are limited Plates available to order each week. Get yours while it is in stock!

Powerful Whole House Clearing 

"...a breakthrough in clearing work..."

-Cecil Nichols, Retired Research Engineer, NASA*

 The Clearfield Plate is a powerful Whole House Clearing Device. Containing the new Advanced Ceramic Crystal Catalyst Technology, the Plate transforms harmful EMFs and Geopathic Stress into beneficial resonances that are no longer stressful to the body.

The Clearfield Plate will clear a space of both wired and wireless EMFs, including 5G. The Plate will also clear a space of all ground radiations, also known as Geopathic Stress.

The Plate emits an omnidirectional clearing field that extends for a minimum of 90 feet in all directions. A single Plate will clear most size homes and offices.

The Cleafield Plate incorporates Advanced Ceramics, Feng Shui and Sacred Geometry in its design.  Special firing methods are used to energize the Plate during its creation. Each Clearfield Plate is handmade and made-to-order.

The Plate's clearing field does not wear out or diminish over time, so there is no need to recharge or replace the Plate.

How To Use

The Clearfield Plate can be hung on a wall, placed in a plate stand, or set face-up on a flat surface.

The Plate can be set in a central location in a space. The face of the Plate can be aimed towards a source of EMF pollution outside the home, such as a nearby Cell Tower or a Smart Meter.

It is not recommended to place the Clearfield Plate directly in a bedroom. As its energy is very high, it can be too 'energizing' to have near the bed during sleep.

The Plate can be placed in closets or cabinets, as it will clear through glass and walls, etc. To  de-activate the Plate's clearing field, place the Plate face down on a flat surface.

What People Are Saying About the Clearfield Plate...

"I want to let you know that I received the Clearfield for my home and within the very first week I have noticed my husband and I are in the best mood with each other, it seems like nothing can break our happy spirits. And the cut flowers I have around my home are living 3 times longer. I am sold! I'm telling everyone I love about it. I feel like I have found the fountain of youth! I am so HAPPY!"

- Lauren... Dallas, Texas

"The Clearfield Plate is great. We live alongside power lines, between 2 WiFi hotspots, 4 base stations, electricity base station, multiple cell phone masts...With the Plate, we have found the quality of the environment improved...and numerous other benefits. No more dizziness, absent mindedness, or diminished cognitive ability. The atmosphere has a luminous, crisp quality and we do actually feel protected and well. We love it."

-Claire P., United Kingdom

"Thanks so much for the Clearfield plate - expertly packed, shipped and delivered as requested. It truly exceeds all expectations, both aesthetically and energetically. All the products I've purchased from you have helped me cope better as a sensitive person, but the plate takes things to a whole other level! It truly shifted the energy in my city apartment for the better, transforming as it does the radiation from so many nearby negative influences.I cannot thank you enough."

-Daniel, San Francisco, CA

"First off I wanted to say that we love the Clearfield Plate. We live very close to a radio tower & we have someone downstairs who smokes cigarettes. The Plate has gotten rid of the bad, icky vibes, & has neutralized the cigarette fumes that leak upstairs. I can't explain how it works, but it does. Our sleeping is improving & we feel very calm & relaxed. I'm even having more pleasant dreams. I'm a very skeptical person, but this Plate has already made a dramatic improvement in our quality of life, in the short time we've had it."

-Jay...Cape Hatteras, NC

"Received my Clearfield plate this afternoon. It is amazing!!! And it is so very powerful...and I really thought I had my home pretty clear...Wish I had ordered this plate years ago when I first saw your website....and so it resonated with me strongly at that time.  But I have it now...so now must truly be the right time for me. Thank you...for such a great product!"

-Anne, Atlanta, Georgia

"I received and opened my clearing plate yesterday. I could instantly feel a shift. It is beyond amazing. I then left to get a stem cell iv. As I drove away from the house the energy shifted again. I wished I had brought it with me! Initially when I ordered I was going to wait and see before I ordered anything else, but when I was notified the clearing plate had shipped. I went online and ordered these books and products that would stay with me and I am beyond happy and grateful that I did.  In my opinion the clearing plate was the missing link in restoring my health.  I look forward to the results in the weeks to come. Thank you!"

-Lisa, Lynnfield, Massachusetts

Made By Hand & Made To Order

The Clearfield Plate is both a handmade and made to order Resonator. Therefore, orders of the Plate can take up to 2-4 weeks to ship, depending on how many Plate orders are being filled. There are energy processes done on the Plate, so the Plate is made in stages. Please note, the Plate ships out for FREE via UPS Ground. UPS does not deliver to PO Boxes, so please be sure to leave us a Street Address where you can receive UPS deliveries.

Handmade in the USA!

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*NASA references on this website do not constitute NASA's or the United States Government's endorsement of any products, processes, or services.





Product reviews

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    Noticed we are detoxing

    Posted by Mark & Barbara Dearman on Jul 12th 2019

    We live in a 1057 sq ft home so the plate is more than adequate...we put it in our office wall where our smart meter is located outside...my sense of smell has heightened. I believe my body is adjusting and detoxing so I have some “healing crisis” currently. This should subside over time. We purchased this now before the implementation of 5G here in our city, which is most probably within the next 2-5 yrs. We hope it never happens but are pragmatic about that...thank you for a very valuable and healthy addition for our home.