Comparison Shop

How do Crystal Catalyst® Resonators Compare to Other EMF Devices?

Mass-Produced vs Handmade

Many EMF Devices on the market are mass-produced in China. Crystal Catalyst® is handmade in Arizona, USA, by the McKusick Family.

Multi-Level Marketing vs. Mom & Pop Shop

Multi-Level Marketing Products are often high in price and, unfortunately, low in quality. Crystal Catalyst® Resonators are not sold via Multi-Level Marketing, they are sold traditional Mom & Pop Shop style!

Corporate vs Family Business

Many major brands of EMF Devices are owned by large corporations. Crystal Catalyst® is manufactured by a Small Family Business.

Non-Dowsers vs Professional Dowsers

Dowsing has been used for thousands of years to identify harmful radiations. Crystal Catalyst® is created by Professional Dowsers.

Pricey vs Affordable

Although made-by-hand in the USA, Crystal Catalyst® Resonators are amongst the most affordable EMF Devices available.  No fancy packaging and no heavy advertising to pay for. The focus is on the quality!

No Replacing or Recharging Required

Unlike some other Devices, Crystal Catalyst® Resonators do not wear out nor do they require recharging. You only need to buy them once!

Harmonizing EMFs Superior to Blocking EMFs

Long term blocking of radiations using paint, clothing and other materials lowers immunity over time by canceling out natural, beneficial radiations the body needs to be healthy.

Only EMF Devices to Utilize Advanced Ceramic Technology

Advanced Ceramics are a high-tech form of Ceramic able to work with energy in new ways. No wishy-washy science here!

In Business for Over 30 Years

While many EMF Devices on the market come and go, Crystal Catalyst® Resonators have been sold worldwide for over 30 years!