Computer Radiation

Hazards of Computer Radiation

Magnetic & electrical fields of a computer

Computer radiation exposure does not just affect the computer user.  Computer’s emit various types of electromagnetic frequencies from all directions.

Computer EMF Dangers

Computer radiation is comprised of various types of electromagnetic frequencies. When you sit in front of a computer screen, you are being hit by many different types of electromagnetic radiations (EMR). Computers emit both VLF (Very Low Frequency) electromagnetic radiation and ELF (Extremely Low Frequency) electromagnetic radiation, as well as soft x-rays if using an old style Cathode Ray Tube monitor

As with all radiation exposure, the closer in proximity to the source, as well as the longer the duration of time in the EMF field, the more detrimental the electromagnetic frequencies upon the body.

Using a computer for anywhere from 4 to 8 hours a day is not unusual today, but is actually becoming the norm. This long duration of time, coupled with the close proximity to the screen, makes the computer a very serious EMF health hazard.


Computer EMF Safety

If computers are such a serious EMF health risk, then why hasn’t any official government agency made a statement regarding their use?

Well, some governments have…

The Australian government recommends no more than 5 hours a day on a computer as a safety limit. In some parts of Britain, pregnant women are not allowed to use computers in the workplace due to the risk of radiation exposure for the developing fetus.


Computer EMF Exposure Symptoms

Short term symptoms of computer EMF exposure are dry eyes, floaters, blurred vision, headaches, dehydration, irritability, skin rashes, spaciness and fatigue. Long term computer EMF exposure has been linked to various cancers, birth defects and miscarriages.


Protect from Computer Radiation with Crystal Catalyst Technology

Crystal Catalyst Technology is a new type of Advanced Ceramic Material whose unique composition enables it to transform harmful radiations into beneficial frequencies.

Crystal Catalyst Dielectric Resonators are able to absorb the harmful EMFs as they are emitted (as Dielectric Resonators are amongst the strongest absorbers of electromagnetic frequencies) and then filter these frequencies through the Advanced Ceramic Material (Crystal Catalyst Technology) before rebroadcasting them out in their new, filtered form.

The Resonators are not magnetic nor electric in nature and therefore will not interfere with the actual workings of the computer.


3-Hole ResonatorUse one 3-Hole Resonator to clear a laptop computer and two for a desktop, one on the monitor and one on the actual computer unit.
G-33Use the more powerful G-33 to clear a very strong computer, such as used for gaming. Also recommended to use for clearing all-in-one computers, such as the iMac.