Crystal Carbon

Authentic Shungite

Crystal Carbon Shungite is EMF Blues' own line of Authentic Shungite. We source our Shungite directly from the Shungite Mine in Russia. Here, the Shungite is carved into various shapes and pieces of jewelry, and then imported by us.

 Shungite Basics

Shungite is a stone that dates back to the Pre-Cambrian era, making it over 2 billion years old. Due to its unique organic Carbon content and possession of the master antioxidant known as Fullerenes, Shungite has many properties that enhance health and well-being, with the ability to harmonize electromagnetic frequencies and radiations being one of them.

Not All Shungite Is Equal

As with anything, there are different grades and qualities of Shungite stone.  Not all Shungite stone is created equal.

True, authentic Shungite is only found in Russia. There are stones being sold as Shungite that are actually imported from India and China. They are not true Shungite. True Shungite conducts electricity. These stones will not conduct electricity, so although they might resemble Shungite and contain a small percentage of Carbon, they are not Authentic Shungite and do not possess the same beneficial properties that true Shungite possesses.

Three Grades of Shungite

There are three main grades of Shungite; Type I, II and III.

Type I Shungite is called Noble or Elite Shungite. This Shungite has a very high organic Carbon content of between 90-98%. The high Carbon content of Elite Shungite makes it too soft to shape. Therefore, all Elite Shungite is sold only in its raw form as nuggets and rough stone. In addition, being so soft, Elite Shungite needs to be mined by hand. This makes Elite Shungite costly. Elite Shungite is also quite rare, encompassing only 1% off all the Shungite available on the earth. Elite Shungite has a silvery sheen to it.

Type II Shungite contains between 50-90% organic Carbon. Type II Shungite’s high Carbon content makes it difficult to shape, so, like Elite Shungite, it is mostly sold in its raw form as nuggets. Type II Shungite does not have the silvery sheen that Elite Shungite has. It is also not hand mined like Elite Shungite, so it is not as costly as Elite, but it is still considered to be rare.

Type III Shungite is the most plentiful type of Shungite available. Type III Shungite contains between 20 - 50% of organic Carbon. Type III Shungite, due to its lower Carbon content, is not as soft as Types I and II, and therefore can be shaped.  

Shungite For EMF Protection

There is a rare grade of Type II Shungite that contains over 75% of Carbon but still maintains enough hardness to be able to be shaped. This rare form of Shungite is too soft to be cut into large shapes, but is made into smaller jewelry pieces. This Shungite has a smooth, deep black look to it and is recommended for wearing as EMF jewelry. Our Carbon-1 Pendant is made from this rare Type II Shungite.

As Type III Shungite is the only Shungite hard enough to be made into large shapes, it is the recommended Shungite to use for overall space-clearing of EMFs. While Type III Shungite does not contain as much organic Carbon as Types I and II, according to Russian scientists, Shungite only needs to contain 30% of Carbon to be effective for EMF clearing. The higher Carbon contents do not increase the stone’s ability to clear EMFs or Geopathic Stress. In addition, shaping Shungite can increase both the strength and reach of its clearing field due to the aspect of Sacred Geometry. For this reason, using Shungite that has been shaped can be more beneficial than using raw pieces of Shungite when clearing EMFs and Geopathic Stress in a room, office, car or home.

Crystal Carbon Shungite vs Other Shungites

All Crystal Carbon Shungite is Authentic Shungite sourced directly from the Shungite Mine in Russia and Certified by the Russian Government. Each batch of Shungite we receive is tested for its electrical conductivity. Our Shungite is never coated, as coating diminishes the stone’s clearing field. While some carved Shungite may contain as little as 20% Carbon, each batch of our carved Shungite is guaranteed to contain a minimum of 30% organic Carbon.