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Crystal Catalyst Bead

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Crystal Catalyst Bead

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Personal EMF Protection & Energy Enhancement

The Crystal Catalyst Bead provides personal EMF protection and continual energy enhancement to the wearer. Comprised entirely of the Advanced Ceramic Material Crystal Catalyst Technology, the Bead transforms harmful EMFs into beneficial resonances that are no longer stressful to the body but rather strengthening.

The Bead harmonizes all types of electromagnetic frequencies; wired, wireless and 5G.

Crystal Catalyst Technology

Crystal Catalyst Technology is a silicon-based Advanced Ceramic found only in Crystal Catalyst Resonators. Advanced Ceramics have the ability to alter energies. Fiber Optics and Solar Panels are two examples of Advanced Ceramics.

 Crystal Catalyst Technology's unique composition enables it to harmonize electromagnetic frequencies and radiations. These newly harmonized frequencies are strengthening to the body. Learn more about Crystal Catalyst Technology...


Crystal Catalyst Resonators are best tested using Muscle Testing, Whole Brainwave Functioning and Dowsing. As the Resonators do not block or shield frequencies, they will not change the reading on an EMF Meter. (As the frequencies are harmonized but still present, they can be detected by an EMF Meter). For home testing, basic Muscle Testing is the best method for testing the effectiveness of the Resonators. Learn more about testing Crystal Catalyst...

How To Use

The Bead can be worn as a bracelet or necklace. Like in Gem Therapy, the Bead is most effective when worn so it touches the skin directly. However, it will still clear if carried in a pocket or worn on top of clothing.

The Bead will not wear out or lose its clearing ability over time, as it is the Advanced Ceramic Material itself which produces the clearing field. Therefore, the Bead does not wear out nor does it require recharging or replacing.

The Bead is also self-clearing. It will not hold on to old energies. Therefore, it is not necessary to periodically clear the Bead as it clears itself!

The Bead can be worn with any type of chain, as metal does not affect its clearing field. It is possible to wear more than one Bead at a time either in separate places on the body or strung together on a necklace or bracelet.

Great for adults, kids and pets! For pets, place on their collar or underneath their pet bed.

 Crystal Catalyst Bead Energy Photo 




This Energy Photo of Bead shows the powerful energy field it emits. Note the shape of the energy field resembles a 5-pointed star. 5-pointed stars are found throughout nature and are very protective.

What People Are Saying About the Bead...

"Thank you so much for your products - I have been using the bead all the time since i received it - and it has been keeping me safe - I can feel the difference."

-Tina, Switzerland

"These are wonderful products. I just received them and the bead I wore from the time I put it on, I could feel amazingly soothing energy around me that sustained."

-Joanne, Florida

"I have the Bead around my neck and I feel great. I commute at least 3 hours per day and since putting the Bead on I’ve experienced a dramatic change. I’m so much happier and more positive."

– Rob, Sunshine Coast, Austra

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