Crystal Catalyst FAQs

What Are Crystal Catalyst Resonators?

Crystal Catalyst Resonators are Advanced Ceramic Dielectric Resonators which contain a new type of Advanced Ceramic called Crystal Catalyst Technology.

Crystal Catalyst Technology was created by Professional Dowser Robert McKusick over 30 years ago as a way of protecting the body from stressful energies.

Robert’s discovery on the ‘Battery Effect of Gemstones’ is what led to his creation of Crystal Catalyst Technology. This discovery also landed him in the Who’s Who of American Scientists.

What is an Advanced Ceramic?

Advanced Ceramics act as super-conductors of energy. Fiber Optics, Computer Chips and Solar Panels are just some examples of Advanced Ceramics. All technology we currently enjoy is based on Advanced Ceramics.

What does the Advanced Ceramic Crystal Catalyst Technology Do?

Like other Advanced Ceramics, Crystal Catalyst Technology works with energy in new ways. Rather than conduct energy, Crystal Catalyst’s unique composition enables it to transform energies. These newly transformed energies are called ‘harmonized’ because they have been ‘filtered’ or ‘smoothed’ and are no longer stressful to the body.

How do Crystal Catalyst Resonators work to protect from EMFs?

Crystal Catalyst Resonators first pull the frequencies to them and then filter them through the Advanced Ceramic material. After filtering, these newly harmonized frequencies are then re-broadcast out.

Do Crystal Catalyst Resonators Work On All Types Of EMFs?

Yes, Crystal Catalyst Resonators are able to harmonize all types of electromagnetic frequencies and radiations. This means they clear wired frequencies, wireless frequencies (also known as microwave or radio-frequency radiations), ground radiations (also known as Geopathic Stress) as well as 5G.

How Do I Know They’re Working?

When EMFs are blocked or shielded, it is possible to use an EMF Meter to detect the drop in frequencies. However, when harmonizing EMFs, EMF Meters will not register a change in levels of frequencies, as the frequencies are still present. (The presence of the frequencies allows the tech to still work - for if you truly blocked a signal from a technology such as a wireless router, you would no longer be able to connect wirelessly to the internet.) So, checking to see if the Resonators are doing their job is not based on using an EMF Meter to see if the frequencies are still present, but rather using the body as an EMF Meter to see if the body maintains strength in the newly harmonized energy field. This can be done via basic Muscle Testing.

Why Not Just Block EMFs?

Studies have shown that attempting to block a signal only works to increase the radiation output of the signal as it tries harder to make a connection. While blocking or shielding materials can be used shielding a room, when you are dealing with active signals and working technology, the only real solution is to harmonize the frequencies.

How Are Crystal Catalyst Resonators Made?

Crystal Catalyst Resonators are made by hand in small batches each week by the McKusick family in rural Arizona. They are not mass-produced in China nor are they multi-level marketed. Due to this, there are never large amounts of the Resonators available at any given time. While we do our best to fill orders in a timely fashion, there can be wait times as we wait for new batches of Resonators to be completed.

How Come I Never Heard of Crystal Catalyst?

Crystal Catalyst is not heavily marketed. Up until opened online in 2006, the only way to find out about the Resonators was by word of mouth or health expos aimed at professionals in the healing arts. Seeing a growing need for EMF protection due to the explosion in technology and telecommunications, opened online and was a boutique shop dedicated to Crystal Catalyst Resonators.

How Do I Know Which Resonators I Need To Use?

Each Crystal Catalyst Resonator has many different clearing uses. We have divided the Resonators up not based on what tech they clear, but what type of frequency they clear and what type of clearing field they emit.

If you are looking to clear specific EMF fields being emitted from technologies or appliances, then you would look at the Spot-Clearing Resonators. If the technology you are looking to clear emits wired EMFs (if its not wireless, then it is wired) , then you would look at the Wired Spot-Clearing Resonators. If the technology emits wireless radiations, then you would look at the Wireless Spot-Clearing Resonators, etc.

Here are links to the various categories of Resonators that can be found as a drop-down menu on our Navigation Bar:

Personal EMF Protection
EMF Pendants
Room Clearing
Whole House Clearing

We also have an EMF Clearing Guide available which allows you to find the item you are looking to clear and see what EMF device is recommended to use.