Crystal Catalyst® “I AM” Energy Jewelry

Crystal Catalyst® “I AM” Energy Jewelry


*The I AM Energy Pendants have been discontinued. We have some remaining stock on each Pendant. We are selling the remaining stock at the Clearance Price of $79. Please email if you are interested in purchasing an I AM Energy Pendant. Please note, all sales of Clearance Items are final.

EnergyPendant I Am Strong. I Am Vital. I Am Safe.


The “I AM” Energy Jewelry Line featuring Crystal Catalyst® Technology offers the wearer protection from EMFs, including 5G,  and general negativity, as well as grounding and rejuvenation. The beautiful blend of Advanced Ceramic, Gemstones and Rare Earths within each Pendant creates a unique energy field whose powerful resonance can aid in increasing overall wellness, vitality and protection.

Each Pendant contains a blend of Garden Gold found on top of the deep blue Ceramic Crystal Catalyst® Technology. This Garden Gold set on blue is reminiscent of the legendary protective shield used by King Arthur, “King Arthur’s Coat of Arms”.

“I AM’ Energy Jewelry is a beautiful way to stay protected, strong and vital. Choose from three designs based on your unique needs. Your own personal ‘Coat of Arms’ awaits you!


I Am Strong
“I Am Strong Against EMFs”
I Am Strong Pendant


“I received my “I am Strong” pendant, and I just love it! It’s beautiful, and it looks like a “real” necklace that I can wear and not have to hide.”  -Nancy, Michigan

I received your package on Saturday, thank you so much! I am loving my new I AM Strong Pendant. I had been previously wearing a pendant from another company, for the past few years, but even though it is supposed to not wear out, I didn’t feel it was helping as much as I needed. And, I spend a lot of time at the computer or on the phone. So I decided to order the I Am Strong, because I am so sensitive. I really love it. The energy feels very sparkly! Thank you.  -Debora, New Mexico

Superior EMF Protection for the Electrically Sensitive

The Crystal Catalyst® “I Am Strong” Pendant provides the wearer with strong protection from wireless and wired electromagnetic frequencies, including 5G,  as well as all types of background electronic smog.

Perfect for those who are Electrically Sensitive, the “I Am Strong” Pendant will keep one’s energy strong even when being bombarded by the harshest forms of wireless pollution (wifi, cell towers, Smart Meters, etc.).

Great for those who work with and around a lot of technology. Also recommended for those who experience symptoms when using technology

*Black leather cord necklace pictured is included with each Pendant. Pendants can be hung on any type of metal chain, as metal will not interfere with their clearing field.



I Am Vital
“I Am Vital and Full of Life”

Rejuvenate Each and Every Day

The “I Am Vital” Pendant provides continual rejuvenation and beneficial energy to the wearer, as well as general protection from both wireless, including 5G,  and wired EMFs. While stress causes the breakdown of the body, the “I Am Vital” Pendant helps keep the body in a state of well-being. The Pendant’s continual flow of beneficial energy works as a buffer against the daily stresses we all encounter each and every day.

Recommended for anyone who wants to feel more vital. Great for those who are undergoing physical or emotional healing, or recovering from illness.

*Black leather cord necklace pictured is included with each Pendant. Pendants can be hung on any type of metal chain, as metal will not interfere with their clearing field.


You guys have wonderful products. I just recently bought the I AM Vital pendant for my husband because he has lost the Pocket Resonator 3 times. Lucky guy(s) who found it.

-Rande, Hauula , Hawaii



I Am Safe
“I Am Safe and Protected”

Defend Yourself Against Negativity

Just as there is good energy, there can be not-so-good energy. The “I Am Safe” Pendant offers the wearer protection from all forms of negativity.

Although we don’t like to address it, there are instances when one needs protection from general malice and envy, from harmful thoughts from others, and overall general ‘bad vibes’. There are even instances when one need protection from lower energies that often dwell in old homes and places where violent events took place.

Like a shield, ‘bad vibes”  can not get through when the “I Am Safe” Pendant is worn.

Everyone can benefit from a little extra protection in their lives.

Perfect for healers, sensitives, empaths, masseuses, therapists, nurses and anyone whose work involves helping others, as the “I Am Safe” Pendant will help keep you from becoming drained.

The I AM Strong Pendant also protects from EMFs, both wired and wireless, as well as 5G.

*Black leather cord necklace pictured is included with each Pendant. Pendants can be hung on any type of metal chain, as metal will not interfere with their clearing field.


I also got an “I AM Safe” pendent and I don’t think it was a coincidence that after a few days of wearing it I unearthed some very deep thoughts about things I thought were unsafe. These thoughts help answer questions about situations I kept attracting that couldn’t otherwise be explained.  I just wanted to say thank you and let you know that it made a very big difference to me.”

-Cassidy, North Carolina


I want to share with you..I was on Jury Duty for 4 days. I wore my I AM Safe Pendant daily there. When it was time to deliberate..I notice how calm I felt while others in the room were talking loud and getting upset with some of the jurors. I left each day feeling peaceful and I know these pendants work! What a blessing..thank you!!

-Jeanine, Beaumont, Texas


I want to praise my brand new I Am Safe pendant. I have worn it all week at work and we had our busiest day yet in our outpatient that focuses on worker’s comp injuries. I came home tired but not in pain and drained from absorbing emotions and pain from our various patients. I am so pleased with how it has help sustain me.  It is hard to be an empath with energetic healing abilities in a PT Clinic. Everyone wants a piece of you on an energetic level and jump into my space even in ‘off-work’ times. I’m not taking this pendant off.



The I Am Safe pendant that I ordered arrived yesterday…so when I got back to work, I went ahead…and put the I Am Safe on. Almost immediately my thinking was clearer and I felt better. Before I left work – about 2 hours after I put it on – I noticed that the general icky feeling that has been non stop these 5 months was gone. And this morning when I got up, it is the first time I have felt good. It is just wonderful, and I thank you for your fine product.

-Dawna, Nebraska


Crystal Catalyst® “I Am” Energy Jewelry Trilogy Pak
Buy the Trilogy of “I Am” Pendants and Save!
I Am Trilogy Pak

Bring the energy of all 3 “I Am” Pendants into your life,  or share them with family and friends. The “I AM” Pendants make great gifts! Purchased separately, all three “I Am” Pendants would cost $327. Buy the entire Trilogy for only $252!

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