Crystal Catalyst Resonators

High-Quality, Effective & Affordable

Crystal Catalyst® Resonators are among the most effective and affordable EMF Protection Devices available in the marketplace.

 Don't Block EMFs, Harmonize Them!

While many EMF Devices are designed to block or shield EMFs, Crystal Catalyst Resonators harmonize electromagnetic frequencies. These newly harmonized frequencies are no longer stressful to the body, but rather beneficial.

Keep Your Body in a Beneficial Resonance

The beneficial effect Crystal Catalyst Resonators have on the body can be seen via Muscle Testing, as the body tests stronger when in the beneficial resonance of the Resonators.

Blocking EMFs Can Increase the EMF Field

Attempting to block or shield frequencies has been shown to increase the radiation output of the device being blocked, as the device simply increases its signal strength- hence its radiation output - in an attempt to make a connection.

New Advanced Ceramic Material

Crystal Catalyst Resonators utilize the new Advanced Ceramic material Crystal Catalyst Technology.

Crystal Catalyst Technology was created by the founder of Biomagnetic Research INC, Robert McKusick, after his discovery of the battery effect of gemstones - a discovery which landed him in the WHO's WHO of American Scientists.

New & Improved Form of Egyptian Faience

Crystal Catalyst Technology is a Quartz-based Advanced Ceramic which is based loosely on Egyptian Faience. Egyptian Faience was a Quartz-based blue/green glaze that the Ancient Egyptians used for making scarabs and other amulets. Eqyptian Faience was believed to have rejuvenative and protective properties that imparted health and longevity to the wearer.

Unlike Egyptian Faience, Crystal Catayst Technology is not just a glaze, but an actual Ceramic. The blue spot-clearing Resonators such as the Cell Phone Tab and the Star 3-Hole are made entirely of this Ceramic.

Not Mass-Produced or Multi-Level Marketed

Unlike many EMF Devices available in the marketplace, Crystal Catalyst Resonators are not mass-produced in China nor are they multi-level marketed. All Crystal Catalyst Resonators are made by hand by Robert McKusick's family in Arizona, USA.

Used by Energy Professionals for Over 30 Years

Crystal Catalyst Resonators have been in use by professionals who work with energy - such as those in the healing arts, dowsers, and Feng Shui practitioners - for over 30 years.

EMF Protection - An Essential Part of a Healthy Lifestyle

Today, the rapid increase in technology has made EMF Protection an essential part of a healthy lifestyle for everyone.

We invite you to peruse the line of Crystal Catalyst Resonators and visit our EMF Clearing Guide for more information on which Resonators to use for clearing specific technologies and EMF polluters.

Handmade with love in small batches each week in Arizona, USA!