Electrical Sensitivity

Are you Electro Sensitive?

Electrical Sensitivity: The New Illness

Electrical Sensitivity has been marginalized in the mainstream media and relegated as a new paranoia of the “Tinfoil Hat Wearing” type.

Fact: The former head of the W.H.O banned cell phones from her office because she experienced adverse health reactions if she was in the same room as a cell phone.

Fact: The W.H.O. has declared electromagnetic pollution as a Type 2 Carcinogenic.

Lyon, France, May 31, 2011 ?? The WHO/International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) has classified radiofrequency electromagnetic fields as possibly carcinogenic to humans (Group 2B), based  on  an  increased  risk  for  glioma,  a  malignant  type  of  brain  cancer1,  associated  with wireless phone use. 

EMF Pollution is being called ‘the New Illness’ among some experts who see it as the ultimate immune depleter responsible for everything from chronic fatigue, autoimmune illnesses, autism, and cancer.


Electromagnetic Sensitivity Symptoms

Wireless telecommunications now cover the planet n a sea of microwave radiation. Never before has the Earth been covered in this “EMF soup” and no one can say for sure what the end result will be.

Which is why EMF Pollution is also becoming known as ‘the Great Experiment.”

People who are categorized as electrically sensitive experience acute symptoms when exposed to EMFs. Some of the common symptoms associated with electro sensitivity are headaches, dizziness ,fatigue, skin rashes, dry skin, flushing, racing heartbeat, irregular heartbeat, nausea, digestive disturbances, insomnia, irritability, eyestrain, floaters, dry eyes, numbness in expremities, spaciness and low grade chronic infections.

Kids can become hyperactive and over emotional when exposed to EMFs.


EMF Sensitivity Recognized as a Medical Condition

Electrical Sensitivity is defined as a “heightened physical reaction to electrical energy”.

The Swedish government was the first government to recognize Electro Sensitivity as a medical condition in 2000 and estimates that over 300,000 citizens are currently suffering from the effects of Electro sensitivity.

Recently, the British government officially acknowledged Electrical Sensitivity as a physical impairment. A recent report by the British Health Protection Agency (HPA) states that increasing numbers of British people are suffering from Electro Sensitivity.

Although Electrical Sensitivity is not currently recognized as a medical condition in the US, EMF Sensitivity is recognized by Alternative and Holistic healthcare providers.


Electrical Sensitivity and the Brain

Olle Johansson, an Associate Professor of Neuroscience at the Karolinska Institute in Sweden, says in regards to Electro Sensitivity, “The human brain has an electric field, so if you put sources of EMFs nearby, it is not surprising that you get interference and damage to cells and molecules.”


Crystal Catalyst Technology for Electrical Sensitivity

Although blocking or shielding EMFs using various materials on walls and clothing has been a popular method for those who are Electrically Sensitive, the art of transforming the harmful frequencies into beneficial resonances is now a reality thanks to Crystal Catalyst Technology.

Crystal Catalyst Technology is a new silicone-based Advanced Ceramic Material whose unique structure enables it to filter frequencies. Based on the science of Faience used in Ancient Egypt, Crystal Catalyst is comprised of Quartz Crystal in the form of silicone, various Clays, and Rare Earths. Fired together in a special technique, the new material becomes greater than its parts in its ability to alter harmful energies into beneficial.