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Elite Noble Shungite MEDIUM

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Elite Noble Shungite MEDIUM- RARE Grade 1 - Ancient Super Stone!

*Best Stones for Making Shungite Water*

*Carry For Personal EMF Protection*

Elite Noble Shungite - Grade 1-  is a very rare stone that is becoming increasingly more difficult to obtain. Large reserves of Elite Noble Shungite have already been depleted due to the stone's high demand.

Sometimes called Silver Shungite, Elite Nobel Shungite is considered to be the purest form of Shungite. Boasting a high Organic Carbon count of up to 99%, Elite Noble Shungite is the highest source of natural occurring Fullerenes on the planet. Fullerenes are considered by many to be the most powerful anti-oxidant known to man. C-60, the most well-known Fullerene, has been found in animal studies to have the ability to regenerate the liver and to extend life.

Elite Noble Shungite is only found in its RAW form. Due to its high Carbon content, the stone is much too soft for carving or shaping, and must be used in its RAW state.

Elite Noble Shungite can only be mined by hand, not machine, which contributes to the stone's market value being much higher than regular Shungite.

Make Your Own Shungite Water

With such a high Carbon and Fullerene count, Elite Noble Shungite proves to be the most powerful Shungite for health and wellness. As Shungite's wellness properties can be passed on to people via water charged with Shungite, Elite Noble Shungite is the best choice for making Shungite Water.

With its powerful life-giving properties that earned it the name 'Stone of Life' in Russian Folklore, Elite Noble Shungite has been found to both clear and charge water. This means it has the ability to remove impurities as well as structure the water.

Shungite was used for healing in Russian Folk Medicine - with its use dating back to Peter The Great - and it is still in use today in modern Russia. Shungite Water is a popular Russian Spa treatment and is used both externally for bathing and beautifying, as well as internally for drinking.

Elite Noble Shungite is known in Russia for its health and beautifying properties. While no formal studies have been conducted, Shungite Water made with Elite Noble Shungite is reported to smooth and youth the skin if bathed with, as its powerful anti-oxidants are thought to give it the ability to increase and restore lost elasticity in the skin. It is also reported to increase the growth of hair if used as a hair rinse.

Shungite Water is also used internally in Russia to strengthen the body and increase overall wellness. Folklore has it that villages found around where Shungite naturally occurs in Russia would place a Shungite stone in the water that was to be used for cooking and drinking. Russian studies on Elite Noble Shungite do show this super-stone to possess anti-microbial, anti-fungal and anti-viral properties, in addition to its antioxidant value.

Personal EMF Protection

Apart from making Shungite Water, Elite Noble Shungite stones can be carried on your person for overall personal EMF protection. A stone can be placed in a pocket or carried in a bag.

How To Make Shungite Water

If using your Elite Noble Shungite stone to make Shungite Water, we recommend starting with filtered water as opposed to straight tap water. We also recommend placing your stone in boiling water for up to 1 minute to disinfect the stone. It can then be placed in a container of water and let sit to make Shungite Water.

While there are no hard rules for making Shungite Water, we find getting a dispenser of sorts and letting the stones sit in the water while the water is being used to be the most effective and the most efficient way of making Shungite Water, as you can continually add water as you use it (similar to the continuous brew method for Kombucha). As far as amount of water per Elite Noble Shungite stone, we have found one Elite Noble Stone capable of charging 1/2 gallon of water. However, you can use more stones at one time in the same amount of water to get a 'stronger' Shungite Water.

We recommend removing stones weekly and rinsing. We have not found there to be a need to replace Elite Noble Shungite stones. If the water seems less potent after a time of using the stones, we recommend laying the stones out in direct sunlight for a few hours to clear them and rejuvenate them.

About Our Stones

Elite Noble Shungite stones will arrive with a layer of Carbon dust. This black dust is normal for RAW Shungite and can be rinsed off.

Each Elite Noble Shungite stone is unique and will have a slightly different shape. Most stones will measure about 1 inch in length and 3/4 inch in width, with variations. The stone will look shiny, almost metallic, and have a silver sheen to it.

Each Noble Elite Shungite stone is imported from Russia from a Certified Shungite Mine and will pass the electrical conductivity test with flying colors, as Grade 1 Elite Noble Shungite is a very strong conductor of electricity!

Origin: Russia

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Mined by hand in Russia especially for you!




Product reviews

  • 5

    Posted by Donna Jean Pettie on Apr 11th 2022

    This shungite is the real deal. As soon as I got mine, I ran the test with my daughter. It takes 2 people. I had one before and lost it. I am so glad to have found your site. Anyone who says your site is bogus knows nothing about shungite

  • 3
    A piece of shungite elite stone

    Posted by Roberta Worthington on Jun 25th 2021

    I don't know what to think as the first one I opened and place on my neck as I was lying on the bed, slid off my neck and rolled into soft matters beside my shoulder as I was laying down and broke into 3 pieces. Hadn't had it for 20 minutes. Didn't hit anything hard , maybe dropped on to soft mattress from my neck, all of 4 or 5 inches. What do you think caused that. Are they that fragile?

  • 5

    Posted by Judy Leary on Jun 3rd 2021

    Hello, I have been using a piece of your Shungite in my drinking water & I believe it is what has cleared up my terrible vaginal herpes blisters. I've been drinking the Shungite water for about a year. A few weeks ago I realized that I hadn't had an outbreak in a really long time. I'm guessing that it is the Shungite water, because that is the only new thing that I have added to my diet. I've had the herpes for over 50 years & the past year the out breaks were non-stop & quite painful. I wonder if you have other customers who have also had success with Shungite water clearing herpes? I did have one slight out break, but it was so small it wasn't a problem. Does that make sense? I would love to know what you think about Shungite water for herpes. - Thank you! Kind Regards, Judy Leary

  • 5
    I've had pieces of Shungite for a couple year.....

    Posted by Mary Ann Pastore on May 3rd 2021

    Researching Elite Noble Shungite was very interesting. I purchased a 2nd one. I carry one and use one to cleanse my water.

  • 5
    Relief from Joint Pain

    Posted by Jo on Mar 23rd 2021

    I'd been having issues with my hips and knees - joint and sciatic pain, and with misalignment of my pelvic bones. Upon rising, I would have to do at least 30 minutes of stretching and manipulation to get my hips to "pop" back into place. It was a quite painful process, but not popping them back meant pain throughout the day. Popping them back in place brought instant relief for the worst of the pain. I also had extreme low back pain upon rising and had to do stretches for that as well. I do not sleep next to a cell phone and I turn off my wi-fi at night. I also have shungite pyramids placed throughout my home. As I look back, though, I started having these issues after a certain person started launching thousands of 5G satellites into low space orbit. I am now on week 4 of drinking Elite Noble Shungite water - 6-7 oz. twice a day, morning and evening. I no longer have pain in my hips and knees. I no longer have pain in my lower back upon rising. I no longer have to do extensive stretching or manipulations to realign my pelvic bones. Now I only stretch to stay limber. I am 64 years young, BTW. I have never had an adjunct therapy work so quickly or so well. I have learned that microwaves close the angle of the hydrogen molecule and since oxygen piggybacks on hydrogen in water, the oxygen is prevented from getting into the cells because of the closed hydrogen molecule. I'm not an official credentialed scientist, but I have done extensive self-education and much reading of the research on different energies. My educated guess, (and that is all it is,) at this point is that the energy from the Elite Noble Shungite restores the hydrogen molecule's angle and has solved what may have been an oxygen deprivation issue in my joint tissues as well as nerve cells. Whatever the process or reason, all I can say is that it has worked wonders for me. It might do the same for you, too.

  • 5

    Posted by Ronald Bandy on Oct 31st 2020

    Love it

  • 5
    Elite Noble Shungite

    Posted by Diane Semanko on Oct 12th 2020

    I'm very happy with my Elite Shungite nuggets and all of their other Shungite products.

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